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[livejournal.com profile] kettunainen already posted this one on Facebook, but it's definitely worth repeating:

"I could use special diseases that are in poo to get rid of the government."

She adds that they had been talking about landfills, with no mention of either of poo or the government before he said that.

When I told [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech about that one, she immediately asked where one could donate funding to that project. :-)
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Seriously, how many three-year-olds want to know about the atmosphere of Jupiter? )

And when gleefully typing random characters on my computer keyboard:

"I'm writing in a language a cell can't read!"

(reference to this video, where they describe DNA in terms of information being written in a language cells can read)
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The night before I left for Albany, I did laundry, and while I distinctly recalled my favourite T-shirt going into the wash, and even my turning it inside out to protect the writing before putting it in the dryer, when I got home, it was not in with my clean laundry. I searched everywhere, repeatedly. Searched bag of clean dry laundry, searched wet laundry hanging up (even though I was pretty sure I put it in the dryer), searched all dresser drawers (before, after, and while putting away clean clothes), searched semi-clean clothes hanging over footboard of bed, searched closet even though I never put T-shirts in there — it was nowhere to be found.

The laundromat had closed for the night by the time I discovered it missing, so I thought I'd check there the next morning en route to the bus station, but I didn't have time. I left a message asking if [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik could take a look if they got a chance, and Optimystik did go look for it, but didn't find it. So I pretty much gave up on ever seeing it again, tried to avoid letting [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech know, since it had been a present from her, and made plans to secretly order a new one next time I had the money, and just pretend it had never been lost.

But today as I was getting dressed, what should I happen to come across in a dresser drawer but... that very T-shirt. Clean, neatly folded, and exactly where it should be. Exactly, in fact, where I am 99.99% sure it was not on any of the 15 or so other times I looked there for it. The hell?

So... fairies? Playful poltergeist? ADD? No clue, I'm just glad it's back. And must now apologize to Optimystik for sending him on what may have been a wild goose chase.

I suppose the rational explanation is that due to travel preparation stress, lack of sleep and what not, I just somehow managed to fold it and put it away without seeing it, and also not see it while looking through that drawer many, many times. But while rational explanations have their place, I still made a point of saying thank you to the fairies for returning it. And I promise not to kill them with my brain.
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This article, which someone on Facebook posted a link to, has some disturbing information about new agreements in the US which give corporations the right to all water within certain jurisdictions, even if it's on private property. So independent farmers getting water from a spring or well on their own property could be regarded as "stealing" water from whatever corporation owns all the water in the area. Shades of Tank Girl. :-/

But there was a bit of ironic humour, for me, in the odd combination of ads in the site's sidebar. I was especially entertained by the juxtaposition of organic raw vegan protein powder with free handguns. For some reason [livejournal.com profile] thewronghands immediately came to mind, but there may actually be several people in my circle of friends who'd appreciate both, strange as it might seem.
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Now is that, or is that not, one of the creepiest things you've ever seen?

From Pictures: Hard-to-See Sea Creatures Revealed on NationalGeographic.com.

Elsewhere in undersea weirdness, check out this surly-looking fish with hands, which looks like it's stomping over to smack someone.

Also, "City of Gonads" Jellyfish Found. I can't think of any comment I could possibly make on that one that would be more entertaining than the story itself.
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Amusing gym incident: was back there for the second time this week after slacking off for a while before that, and having to take it a little easy on lower-body stuff due to cycling 20km yesterday. But I was surprised when I got to the first machine in the second row (after all the lower-body machines) - for some reason, I seemed to be having a harder time with the pectoral flies than usual. I got through about four before I had to stop, while wondering how on earth cycling could have put any sort of strain there. I was pretty sure I'd done eight on Saturday without much trouble...

Anyway, after four, I resigned myself to having to lower the weight a little, and went to remove the little five-pound weight on the top of the stack... Only to notice that I had, in fact, accidentally put the pin into the stack one notch lower than I was supposed to. So while feeling guilty about having trouble doing pec flies with what I thought was 45 pounds, I was, in fact, doing them with 60 pounds. Now I'm astonished I got through four! Maybe I need to raise it to 50 next time...

And, on a completely unrelated note (except maybe insofar as it involves making mistakes with machines):

Very wrong video. So very, very, very wrong... )
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Found via Craftastrophe:


I take no responsibility for any sanity damage caused by clicking on the above link. Or damage caused to your computer or nasal passages should you happen to be drinking any liquid while clicking (which I do NOT recommend).

But seriously... Yes, it's horrifying, but it's also kind of awesome. If I were the sort of person who (a) had enough disposable income to consider spending $395 on a teapot, and (b) had enough storage space for the epic collection freakish teapots I have always secretly wanted to start, I would so buy it.

ETA: some other entertaining and/or amazing Craftastrophe posts (these are mostly the ones tagged with "Not a craftastrophe but cool enough to rate high"):

Eye Pod
Cake Wrecks, or Cake Rex?
Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Nightmare (this one is really mind-blowing, though you have to scroll down a bit to really get a sense of it)
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Not to mindlessly repeat the name of the blog I found it in, but this really, truly is an epic win:

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The Secret Life of Everyday Things

There are many more addictive photo series on that site... Must. Tear. Self. Away...
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It is 18° C right now. Eighteen. Degrees. In November. In Toronto. The hell?

(For Americans, that would be 64° F.)

On the one hand, I am not inclined to complain, given that I will be embarking on fairly lengthy bike rides today and tomorrow (which is also supposed to be pretty warm. On the other, this just doesn't seem right...

By tomorrow night the temperature is supposed to be back down in the low single digits, after a fairly mild daytime. So I suppose this is just a temporary weather hiccup. Still... I can't remember it ever being this warm in the late fall before. Weird.
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On the way back to [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik's place earlier tonight to drop off the Smallest, I had a very... unusual encounter.

There were two scruffy-looking guys sitting in the doorway of a closed shop, drinking, and one of them called out something to me as a I passed that I initially misheard as asking for a dollar for his college fund. Thinking this was at least a cleverer than usual panhandling line, I declined, but politely -- smiled and said "Sorry, I can't right now."

But then he said "No, no, I want to give you a dollar for his college fund!" -- while pointing at Aidan.

I was a little startled, to say the least, and asked "Seriously?"

"Yeah!" he said, taking a loonie out of his pocket as he walked over to where I was, and then added with an impish smile "You know, it's amazing how many people won't stop, even when I'm offering them free money."

"I guess they just hear what they're expecting to hear," I said.

"Yep," he said, and handed me the loonie. "Now don't go spending that on beer, OK? It's for the kid!"

I laughed and assured him I wouldn't, and we bid each other good night.

It's times like this that make me think that we really do live in a strange and wonderful world sometimes...
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Saw this in [livejournal.com profile] glamourbombing, had to share;

There are a couple of other fun videos at the site it comes from, too: The Fun Theory. Apparently it's a project by Volkswagen, and based in Sweden. They're running a contest for creative ways to get people to change their behaviour for the better (be it environmentally, or in terms of health, or whatever) by making it fun. I really, really hope they end up posting all the contest entries on the site! Or at least a decent selection of them...
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Rode my bike to my dad's yesterday, despite thunderstorm warnings. I think if I had heard anything about tornado warnings, I might have reconsidered, but no warnings of the sort had been issued as far as I could tell by the time I left.

My father and stepmother are away on vacation this week, so I let myself in, rejoiced in being able to play anything I wanted on Last.fm at any volume I wanted since I was alone in the house, and got to work on part 2 of the manuscript (part 1 having been sent to the bookstore to print following last weekend's epic workathon).

Barely two hours in, I began to hear thunder and see the occasional lightning flash. Initially I delayed on shutting down the computer, because I was fighting it out with a formatting issue and wanted to finish before shutting down. But then a glance out the window showed the storm getting worse, so I reluctantly decided I'd better shut off the computer for a bit, and maybe take a dinner break. The computer had not quite finished shutting down, however, when the power went off for the entire neighbourhood. Oops.

Went downstairs, lit some candles, thought about making some tea and then realized that needed electricity. So I got a glass of wine instead, and went out on the porch to watch the storm. Eventually the winds were getting high enough that rain was blowing into the porch and getting me wet despite my being under a roof, so I went inside, got something to eat, and waited for the power to come back on.

After about an hour, it was evident that this was not going to happen anytime soon, so since the storm appeared to have mostly blown over, I retrieved my bike from the garage and set out for home. Very interesting ride - the sky was a really freaky colour, all golden yellow, and there were bits of tree everywhere. The rain had stopped, but the streets were wet enough that fenders have now moved much higher up my bike-related wish list. I think I may have gotten wetter from road spray than I would have if it had been raining, not to mention that my front wheel kept kicking up bits of grit and debris into my eyes.

But I didn't find out the real extent of it until I got home. The power was out in my block too, and there were hydro trucks everywhere, because apparently a huge tree branch had come down and taken out two cars - plus the power lines for the block. Joy. And talking to some neighbours who were gathered in the front hall of my building (including the owners of one of the cars that had been hit by the tree) was when I first heard about the tornadoes. Yes, tornadoes plural.

Apparently four tornadoes came through the Greater Toronto Area during that storm. Four. I can't remember the last time we had one tornado. It's not exactly an everyday occurrence around here. Looking over the news (once the power came back on today - it was off overnight), it looks like most of the serious damage was done in the suburbs, but I'm told one of the tornadoes touched down a block away from some friends of mine who live not far from me.

All pretty scary, even though as far as I know, everyone I know is OK. And it's got me wondering - what exactly are apartment dwellers supposed to do in the event of tornadoes? It's not like I have a basement to go to. High rise buildings usually have some kind of accessible basement, but a small building like mine really doesn't. Methinks I need to read up a little more on emergency preparedness...

And the last word goes to my upstairs neighbour, who as several of us were discussing the storm down in the front hall, and someone mentioned funnel clouds having been seen from Yonge and Bloor, the very centre of the city, said drily "But of course, we're not fucking with the climate or anything like that..."
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I really, really, really want to do something like THIS with all the pylons around the construction on St. Clair. So very, very badly.

Picture work-safe, except for possible mental scarring in sensitive individuals, and/or beverages spewed across your keyboard.

. . .

Real update coming one of those day. Promise.
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I really, really want to play this game.
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Chandni Chowk to China: "Cinematic gene-splicing can yield some very weird mutations. But even after taking into account Indian cinema's reputation for lavish excess and the martial arts genre's ever-escalating taste for frenzied action, the first-ever Bollywood kung fu comedy qualifies as deliriously and endearingly bizarre."

Bollywood kung fu movie. Bollywood kung fu movie! I am so going to see this as soon as I can be reasonably confident of not coughing my way through it. Hopefully soon. Who's with me?

And with regard to the last line of the review: "Hardier patrons will savour its unique brand of delirium and look forward to equally nutty hybrids. Surely Bollywood's first zombie comedy can't be far behind."

I would line up overnight to see that one if it does happen.
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If anyone has not yet discovered the greatness that is [livejournal.com profile] thrifthorror, this post is a truly stellar example of its offerings, particularly the commentary.

A few excerpts to whet your appetite:
"This is what happens when you scramble duck eggs that were nearly ready to hatch. Imagine standing over the stove, compulsively poking at your eggs with a spatula, when a little yellow head pops up from the congealing mass of rapidly denaturing proteins. Then another little head. Then another. You soon realize that you are living in a surrealist horror story that takes place in a universe where a) ducks can survive stupidly high temperatures, b) Fowl do not develop as other embryos do, but rather form at random in clotted eggs, and c) the average person not only keeps duck eggs around, but regularly eats five of them at a time."

"The twelve days of... STUPID CRAP. Actually, only ten days of stupid crap. Twelve and three are missing, probably purchased by people who only liked one of the days of Christmas. What the fuck is with the gifts in that song, anyway? What the hell do people want with so many lords-a-leaping? I mean, it's all fine and well until they start jumping around and breaking your shit. Do they sleep at all, or do they just keep leaping, leaping, LEAPING all night, thudding against the floor and the walls and that couch you haven't paid off yet while you're trying to sleep?"
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Had a very weird experience walking Kiska earlier tonight. Just past the park I usually take her to, she was up on the lawn of a house sniffing at things, when I saw a small, long-haired ginger cat looking at us. Out of habit, I called to the cat, although I didn't really expect him to come near with Kiska there. But he did, though a little hesitantly, and came up and rubbed against my hand, though glancing warily at Kiska and making a few little warning "wrr-rrr-rrr" type sounds under his breath.

Kiska noticed the cat and came over closer, because Kiska is made of optimism where cats are concerned, and expects all strange cats to want to be her friend, despite the fact that in the five years I've had her, this has almost never been the case. I expected the cat to run away, but no -- he glared up and her, and then walked across the little wall he was standing on, directly in front of Kiska, who was only inches away. I had just started to compliment him on being fearless, when he suddenly turned around took a whack at her with his paw. She yelped and jumped back, then, giving him a wide berth, jumped down the sidewalk and stayed on the far side of me, glancing nervously at the cat, who by now I guess she was pretty certain was not her friend.

The cat, looking very pleased with himself, strolled back along the wall and rubbed up against me again -- and then jumped off the wall and went charging straight for Kiska. He got in one good swiped before she yelped and ran out into the street, and I got in between them and pushed him back.

Since this was now well beyond admirable fearlessness in a cat and into sheer thuggishness, I tried saying emphatically "NO! BAD kitty!" while keeping Kiska behind me and urging her to get moving, which at this point took very little urging. So we started off, only to look back and see that the cat was following us, with a look of determination in his eyes. The fact that Kiska outweighed him by about ten times didn't seem to deter him at all (nor did it reassure Kiska any -- she was definitely trying to put some distance between her and this cat).

I stopped and told him to go back, which being a cat he ignored completely. His body language didn't look aggressive, and he seemed to be looking at me more than at Kiska, so I thought maybe he'd just swiped at her because she was on his territory before, and he was now following us just because he was affection-starved or something. So I reached out to him, somewhat against my better judgment, and he came up and rubbed adorably on my hand looking all sweet and cute again -- and then, as soon as he had me off guard, darted past me and tried to attack Kiska again!

I intercepted him, just barely, and yelled "BAD kitty! GO HOME!", pointing back to the house where we'd found him, but he just kept trying to duck around me to get at Kiska again. So I nudge him back with one foot, and then took off with Kiska, not running, but walking very fast. Looked back: he was following us again.

When we crossed the street diagonally to our block, he stayed on the corner, and began mewing piteously, as thought to say "Wait! Wait! Why are you leaving? Look at me! I am cute and adorable! How could you possibly abandon me like this? Don't you realize that I have not been petted or given attention EVER?"

Not about to be fooled at this point, I left him there, and when I eventually couldn't hear the mewing any more, glanced back just to be sure -- and the damn cat had crossed the street and was heading after us again. So for the remaining long block down to our building Kiska and I played Dodge The Ginger Avenger, with me running interference when necessary -- and the cat nearly always trying to get friendly with me in between bouts of trying to assassinate my dog.

At one point we passed another pedestrian, and the cat seemed to get distracted, looking up at the new person with the same "Love me! Love me NOW!" sort of look that he had tried on me, but apparently got nowhere. I glanced back hopefully and saw no sign of the cat, and thought momentarily that we had escaped -- only to suddenly have him dart out from behind a hedge and go after Kiska again.

We picked up the pace and soon seemed to have lost him again, and finally made it home with no sign of the cat -- until suddenly he appeared from behind a parked car and tried to chase Kiska right into the building.

I got Kiska inside and closed the door, trying to figure out what to do about the cat, who promptly strolled over onto the patio of the Italian restaurant I live above. My apartment is right on the corner of a busy street, and psycho or not, I didn't want the cat to get run over. But on the other hand, given his apparent volatility, I wasn't sure I wanted to try and carry him back to his home -- Kiska may be up to date on her vaccinations, but I'm not! Not to mention that I didn't know if the house where we first saw him even was his home. He didn't have a collar on, though he clearly wasn't a stray -- long-haired cats get matted very quickly if they're not groomed regularly, and his coat was perfectly silky and tangle-free.

Eventually, I lost sight of him and went inside to soothe Kiska's frazzled nerves, leaving Ninja Kitty to find his own way home, though I felt kind of bad about it. I suppose it's weird to be concerned with the well-being of a canicidal and possibly insane stalker cat who seems to have devoted himself to the downfall of my dog, but I do hope he gets home OK.

But I think I may be a little warier of befriending strange cats in the future, because some are clearly stranger than others.
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If anyone has ever wondered why I love [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews so much:

http://blogs.discovery.com/deep_sea_news/2008/03/ladies-of-the-b.html (Pictures fine, text NSFW)

This entry's actually from back in March, but I somehow missed it the first time, and they recently linked to it so that's how I ended up finding it. You really need to read it all the way through for some of the choicest bits. And don't be drinking any liquids at the time.

This is so not your average science blog. As one of the co-authors put it regarding this entry, "You give the new guy creative license and all of sudden we're Penthouse." Although their off-kilter sense of humour and focus on the bizarre certainly did not start with "the new guy"...

Also, they're in the midst of a series on the "27 Best Deep-Sea Species", which have thus far included such stellar candidates as the Big Butt Worm and Dumbo Octopus, plus the less intriguingly named but equally odd Brachiopods ("sort of the living dead except they won’t suck your brains out") and Xenophyophores ("So to recap, big single-celled animal that secretes a slimy goo all over and attaches parts of dead things to itself.").


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