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Birthdate:Feb 19
Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
Quote(s) of the moment:

"I'm allergic to dogma. I thrive on riddles. Any idea I believe, I reserve the right to disbelieve as well."

-- Rob Brezsny

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."

-- Herm Albright

The Basics:

Self-employed web designer, drifting steadily into PHP/PostgreSQL development these last few years, plus an increasing amount of Drupal geekery. Also sometime freelance writer/editor. Compulsive volunteer. Writer (of a more creative sort) & artist when I have time, which isn't often enough. Longtime pagan/occultist (>25 years); preferred paradigms include Wicca, Celtic paganism, chaos magic, Otherworld exploration, spiritual therianthropy, and fairy lore of the non-cute kind.

Somewhere between lesbian and bisexual; neutral on the polyamory/monogamy spectrum. Currently in a long-distance relationship with LGBTech. Non-bio, non-custodial mother of a delightful ninja child.

Grad school dropout but still academically minded, and have been known to read books on postmodernism and quantum physics for fun. Prone to daydreaming, distraction and questioning authority and tradition. Musical/aesthetic tastes highly eclectic, ranging from old-school gothic rock to mediaeval folk to symphonic metal to Bollywood soundtracks, but not including much in the way of mainstream pop. Shamelessly enjoy role-playing games and other age-inappropriate pursuits. Reside in Toronto with two cats and one dog.

Still mostly resident on LJ, but looking at trying to mirror my journal across both places, partly because so many of my friends have migrated here, and partly just to have it still be accessible when LJ's getting hit with repeated DDoS attacks.

Current aspirations:

Either expand and improve my business to the point where it provides more financial stability, or pack it in and get a Real Job[TM]. Try to be a good mother to the Lynxcub, to the extent that I can in thrice-weekly visits. Try and implement Getting Things Done, or otherwise get my act together on the organizational/productivity front. Finish the work I need to do to get my Odyssean second degree. Address creativity craving by starting book and paper arts equivalent of a Stitch'n'Bitch. Also, write more fiction. Continue current trend toward healthy eating habits and exercise. Finish converting Wild Ideas, WCC and Wolf Moon web sites to Drupal. More lynx time. Finish outline for Wicca book and get into serious writing mode. Apply to the IOT's novitiate distance learning program. Go back to grad school and finish my MES. Win the lottery. Get more sleep.

Aspirations previously listed above, but now accomplished:

Doing mostly fairly well at this whole eating healthy and exercising thing, with admirable results. Getting more business in. Starting to write fiction on an almost-semi-regular basis. Actually interviewing potential new coven members on a semi-regular basis. Found OHIP-covered ADHD specialist and got assessed (result: yes indeed, combined subtype). Spiritual malaise mostly abated.

If wishes were horses...

Interests (150):

adhd, aesma daeva, animal spirits, art, asylum, book arts, bookbinding, bpal, brigid, candles, catherynne m. valente, cats, celtic paganism, chaos magic, charles de lint, cherie priest, china miƩville, chocolate, claire voyant, coil, collages, compassion, corsets, corvus corax, coyote, creativity, critical thought, crossbows, culture jamming, current 93, cycling, daimonic reality, dancing, danu, dargaard, dark ale, dark fantasy, deliria, difficult questions, doctor who, dogs, dreams, drupal, ekaterina sedia, emilie autumn, environmental studies, epica, epistemology, fairy lore, fairy tales, faith & the muse, faun, fish, fitness, folklore, forests, fountain pens, garmarna, getting things done, ginger, glamourbombing, godspeed! you black emperor, graphic design, helium vola, hp lovecraft, imagination, incense, intelligence, johnny hollow, koyaanisqatsi, kronos quartet, languages, leaves' eyes, lunascape, lycanthropy, lynxes, madness, magic, marc almond, martha wells, maskmaking, midnattsol, mythology, mythpunk, nature, neil gaiman, new model army, nightwish, niyaz, nk jemisin, ogham, otherworld journeying, pan's labyrinth, paradox, parenting, php, postgresql, postmodernism, qntal, roleplaying games, scrying, seals, self-employment, selkies, shapeshifting, shiva in exile, sieben, sirenia, small manageable goats, snakes, spanish, spiders, spiritual therianthropy, steampunk, storytelling, sunday driver, surrealism, sushi, tea, terry pratchett, the changelings, the company of wolves, the dhol foundation, the dreamside, the gathering, the kerberos club, the legendary pink dots, the moon, the moon & the nightspirit, the morrigan, the sea, the secret of roan inish, theodor bastard, thinking too much, thunderstorms, torchwood, trees, tristania, typography, uncertainty, unwoman, vas, web design, weird science, wicca, wilderness, within temptation, wolves, writing, xandria
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