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Slept too late, and the pears were not ripe yet despite being stuck in a bag with apples for a day and a half, so I didn't get to make the sweet potato/pear thing I was going to - just set off with the cupcakes, cookies, tofu roast (á la Tofurkey, but by a small local company instead) and blackberry porter. Which as it turned out was plenty, because there was a ton and a half of food. [livejournal.com profile] the_moogie is an excellent cook and tend to go all out when hosting any kind of social event. Also, multiple varieties of wine and beer, and at least three kinds of the beer had chocolate in them. And five kinds were varieties of stout. Clearly a woman after my own heart.

So, spent the day with her and [livejournal.com profile] mr_pugh, [livejournal.com profile] cleasai and [livejournal.com profile] insolent_cherub, plus a brief appearance by The Moogie's brother. There was much eating, drinking, silliness, and general merriment. I really need more of that. I did miss being with my actual bio-family, but being with chosen family can be pretty awesome too.

The results of my adventures in baking seem to have been well-received, though I ended up with a lot left, but that may have been just because there was so much there. I did give everyone some cookies to take home (and later gave three more to a homeless woman who was camped out in the entryway of [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik's building when I went there to water their plants), so I only have a few of those left, but I still have eight cupcakes left! Anyone want one?

BTW, the cupcakes came out pretty well in spite of everything, though they are possibly the stickiest, messiest cupcakes ever due to the ooey-gooey caramelly Dulce Sin Leche topping. Also, some of them ended up with bonus caramel inside, due to the not-so-successful attempt at swirling it into the top of the batter before baking. But hey, any screw-up that results in cupcakes having a molten caramel centre is a feature, not a bug, as far as I'm concerned.

And I am pleased to note that thanks to a collective gift, Cleasai now has the Spirit of the Century book, and will be running a game of that sometime in the future, possibly starting in March. My attempts at trying to kickstart character creation right then and there, since it seemed like it would be exceptionally fun to do with a bunch of drunk people, were unsuccessful, despite SOTC having the most fun-sounding character creation process I've ever seen...

Anyway: I am now very tired and it is definitely time to sleep. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
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  1. I am not, in fact, a Person Who Bakes. I am, at best, a Person Who Is Attempting To Figure This Whole Baking Thing Out, With Varying Degrees Of Success.

  2. Things they tell you to do in recipes sound so much easier than they actually are.

  3. Drizzling melted chocolate on top of something, for example, would be easier if melting the chocolate had actually made it vaguely liquidy, instead of a thick gloppy pudding-like substance.

  4. Possibly I used the wrong kind of chocolate.

  5. Adding soymilk will not help. It will, in fact, make it thicker. Ditto for stirring it lots and lots. Eventually it will come to resemble something you expect to see sliding along the floors of a dungeon sucking up small objects.

  6. Putting it into a Ziplock bag and cutting off a corner to simulate a pastry bag might have worked better if the chocolate had been cooler. Who knew the seams on the bag were that weak?

  7. Hopefully my oven mitts are washable...

  8. Eventually attempting to "drizzle" it onto your shortbread anyway will result in giant swaths of chocolate that look kind of like some animal had major bowel control problems in the general vicinity of your cookies.

  9. Trying to spread it around with a spoon will make it look like a preschooler's art project, but at least less like poo.

  10. It will taste good anyway.

  11. Even if you whisk your Dulce Sin Leche nonstop for the entire time from first combining the ingredients to taking it off the heat to cool, it will end up with strange white lumps in it of unidentifiable origin (soymilk powder?). But you can get most of them out by eventually forcing it through a strainer. Most of them.

  12. You can, indeed, soften brown sugar by putting it in the microwave with a damp paper towel over it. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on the time and/or whether the paper towel is still damp. Unless, of course, your intention was to set it on fire...

  13. This will result in parts of the sugar turning into chunks of caramel, which while useless for your cupcakes, are tasty to munch on while you clean up the mess.

  14. You cannot sift rock-hard lumps of caramel out of brown sugar. You can, however, render your brand-new sifter unusable.

  15. Do not keep your cooling Dulce Sin Leche near the bowl you are sifting flour into, unless, of course, you want it covered with flour.

  16. It is probably a good idea to remember whether or not you've already added the vanilla. Adding more "just in case" may or may not have been a good idea.

  17. Your cat will always attempt to jump up on the kitchen counter right at the worst possible time.

  18. When the cookbook says "Spoon a little Dulce Sin Leche onto the top of each cupcake and use a butter knife to swirl the sauce," hopefully they mean "Scrape a thick glob of the Dulce Sin Leche off the spoon onto each cupcake, and try futilely to turn it into a swirl until you realize you're just sliding the glob around without actually changing its shape any." Because that was how it went for me, anyway.

  19. True fact: baking just two things can dirty virtually every bowl, pan, measuring cup, etc. that you own.

  20. If I ever again declare an intent to bake multiple things for a Christmas gathering, or any other event, someone direct my attention to this post, OK?

On the bright side, they rose OK, they smell good, and I remembered to use those little paper liners this time. Little by little, I improve.
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...And I have chocolate-orange shortbread baking in the oven - well, orange shortbread, anyway. The chocolate gets added after they come out. And a really, really random mix of Christmas music on, which includes everything from the Mediaeval Baebes and Loreena McKennit to various noisy punk and/or industrial manglings of Christmas carols, and everything in between.

I actually completed most of my shopping yesterday, and the few bits I still had to do today didn't involve going anywhere horribly crowded, for which I am eternally grateful. I do not do crowds well, and the amount of running around I had to do yesterday and the day before was fairly stressful.

The un-fun part of things peaked after my last stop yesterday, when, coming out of the health food store, I hoisted my two gigantic Shopping Bags of Holding, and proceeded to twist my ankle, so that all of a sudden it would barely even bear my own weight, let alone that of all the stuff I was trying to carry (partial list: two 2-litre bags of soymilk, a big bag of cat food, a crate of clementines, a kitchen sale, and about 20 other things). So I flagged down a cab, and thankfully got an awesome cabbie, who when he realized I was hurt, not only got out and carried my bags into the cab for me, but brought them all the way up to my apartment when we got there. And tried to refuse my efforts to give him a larger tip because of it.

Probably the part of yesterday that was simultaneously the most stressful and the most awesome was going to the LCBO store in the Manulife Centre. Stressful because: holy crowds, Batman. I had to resort to my crowd-coping techniques of (a) every now and then, closing my eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths, and (b) when that didn't work, digging my nails into my palm periodically to ground myself in my body and vent some anxiety. Not hard enough to break skin, don't worry - I suppose it's still a minor form of self-injury, but sometimes it's the only thing that works. But as I said, it was also awesome, because they had a crazy variety of really interesting-sounding beer. The main thing I'd actually gone there for was to get a little bottle of some kind of sherry or sweet wine, for the sweet potato recipe, but I'd figured I might as well check the beer situation while I was there and maybe get some interesting drinkables. And it was soooo hard to choose - I ended up with the crème brulée imperial stout that [livejournal.com profile] curgoth posted about a while back, a blackberry porter, a smaller bottle of a Scottish stout, and something that shall remain nameless since it's going to be a gift for someone.

Also got the above-mentioned kitchen scale, two cooling racks, and some better measuring cups to replace the mostly broken ones I had, and yesterday also a better muffin pan and a sifter. I am starting to feel like I may actually be approaching the status of being a Person Who Bakes, as opposed to a Person Who Has No Clue About Baking (But Every Now And Then Attempts It Anyway For Some Bizarre Reason).

Today, I was not enamoured of the idea of going out at all, even though my ankle seemed fine, but I did have a few last things to pick up (notably, more sweet potatoes, since the recipe I want to make for the potluck Christmas I'm going to tomorrow calls for two pounds, and my newly acquired kitchen scale revealed that I only had one). But fortunately they could all be acquired in my own neighbourhood.

The best part of today happened pretty much spontaneously: Random acts of kindness )

And with that, the second batch of shortbread has just come out of the oven and the Scottish stout is empty, and I need to haul two large bags of laundry to the laundromat before starting in on the vegan "Dulce Sin Leche" cupcakes (i.e. like Dulce de Leche but without milk).

Hope everyone out there who celebrates Christmas has a good one, and everyone who doesn't had a good whatever-else-you-do-celebrate (all the other major December-ish holidays are past now, correct?).
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So, the renovations from hell in the restaurant downstairs continue, but at least the furnace is now working again (better than before, I think, but then, I suppose that was the general idea), and today is the day they are cutting out and replacing various drain pipes, so not only is the water off, but one cannot put anything down the drains, or flush anything. Or should not, I suppose I should clarify. An important distinction, as you will see.

As usual, what the building manager was told would happen and what has happened are two different and pretty much unrelated things. He was told that this time the water would only be off for about half an hour or so, because they would probably only have to actually physically remove one toilet from one unit in order to get to the problem section of drain pipe. This would, apparently, start at 8:00 am, a time when I am not usually awake yet, so I wasn't too worried. There was a one in five chance I'd have to get up early, since at the time he told me about this they didn't yet know which lucky apartment would have to have its toilet removed to get to the pipe, but still, seemed like not too big a deal.

So: they got here at 8:45. Toilet was indeed removed. I went back to bed, even though I thought they'd be back in half an hour and I'd have to get up again then, because I was very tired and figured even a half an hour more sleep was good. Was woken up by them coming to put the toilet back on at 12:30. Apparently, that's half an hour in plumber-speak or something. Was told they now had to do the same to the apartment next door to me, but it would only take 15 minutes or so, and then the water would be back on. It's now half an hour later, with no announcement of water returning. I am unsurprised - after all, if "half an hour" means nearly four hours, fifteen minutes should mean closer to two hours. I think I may need to pay a visit to a restaurant with a washroom in the near future.

The fun part of all this (yes, there is a fun part) is everything I'm overhearing. Apparently, a partly-taken-apart plumbing system makes for excellent inter-apartment acoustics. What prompted me to write this post was hearing the following: Cut for profanity )
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I had a wonderful time at the Kensington Market solstice festival, masked as a wolf, but despite wearing wool and layers and all that, got cold enough to have to bow out before the parade had quite reached its destination. Still, an excellent night, and a perfect example of everything I love about Toronto.

In no particular order, highlights (including from before and after the event itself) included oatmeal coffee stout, an anglerfish lantern, Native drummers, marching bands, old friends, new friends, puppet shows, howling at the moon with my similarly masked companions, Mexican food, mummers, fire, dancing and giant animal puppets.

And perhaps especially, encountering [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen, [livejournal.com profile] optimystik and the kids and getting to carry the Lynxcub around on my shoulders for a while and show him some of the awesomeness. I had been thinking that while last night's visit was great, I kind of wished I was the one taking him to the parade tonight, and as it turned out I did get to spend some time with him there, so all was good.

And now, there are about a thousand forms of work I should theoretically be doing, but I think it is time for bed.

Happy Yule, everyone! And now, sleep.

I exist!

Dec. 20th, 2010 02:43 am
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I finally, finally got some votes in [livejournal.com profile] originalfic_las! Two people voted my story best, which was not enough to win, but it was tied for second. Up until now, none of my stories have gotten any votes at all, so now I feel kind of like Yay! I exist!

If anyone would like to read my story, now that the voting's done and it's OK to say who wrote what, it was Disablót. I think [livejournal.com profile] foxesdaughter particularly ought to read it, but of course anyone else is welcome to as well (and to give me feedback on it if you want). The prompt, BTW, was to write a story based at least somewhat on Dickens's "A Christmas Carol", though obviously mine is based a little more loosely on it than most.

I sadly didn't manage to vote in this one - I'd decided early on which one I wanted to vote for as best (Lost in Translation, which made me practically laugh until I cried), but found it much harder to pick one for worst, since at this point most of the bad writers have already been eliminated and it's down to picking the least good instead, which is harder. And somehow while I was deliberating, life got in the way and suddenly it was Sunday night already. But thankfully, "Lost in Translation" won anyway, and if you haven't read it, you really should.
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[livejournal.com profile] satyrblade just announced that he's putting up a small number of copies of the long-out-of-print Deliria book for sale (autographed if you want) for $30 each - check it out. The book is otherwise pretty hard to find... I have a copy, of course, but some of you who I game with might want your own.

(BTW, for anyone who doesn't know, [livejournal.com profile] satyrblade = Phil Brucato = developer of Mage: the Ascension as well as Deliria, and author of a whole whack of White Wolf gaming books before and after he went independent to start his own company.)
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Well, I skipped the last two challenges in the Last Author Standing contest (you have a certain number of free "skips" where you can pass on a particular challenge without being disqualified), but I have a story in the current one:

Entries #1
Entries #2
Voting Post

As before, anyone can vote as long as they have an LJ account; you don't have to be a member of the community or involved with the contest in any way. You read all the stories (there are fewer in each challenge; it's down to 17 this time), and cast your vote for the one you think is best and the one you think is worst, and the lowest-ranking authors get eliminated each time. I have thus far gotten no votes for either of the stories I submitted, either as best or worst, but I suppose as the number of entries gets smaller, that will have to change eventually...

And no, I won't give you any hint as to which one's mine - (a), it's not allowed, and (b) I don't want anyone to vote for my story out of loyalty anyway. If I get any "best" votes, I'd like it to be because people actually think my story's the best, not just because they like me.

Anyway, check them out and enjoy. At this point, most of the people who really couldn't write well at all have been eliminated, and the remaining stories range from not-bad to varying degrees of creepy, moving and/or laugh-out-loud funny.

Oh, and the challenge this time? To write an original story based on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". People took that in quite a variety of unique directions...
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The Lynxcub's new favourite word is "hilarious". He used it about six times today. As in "I think shooting Lego pieces across the room is hilarious!" (as I was trying to fish one out from under the fridge).

Also, ever since I convinced him to let me wash his hair in the bath last time he was here by telling him that the shampoo and conditioner I was using ("Silky Selkie" from the Faery's Tub) was made by faeries for selkies to use on their fur, he wants selkie stories. A lot of selkie stories. I need to learn more of them, preferably some that don't involve anyone dying.

And when I dropped him off today, we had the following adorable/maddening conversation:

Me: OK, I have to go now, honey. Give me a hug and kiss?
Him: But I want you to stay here for ever and ever!
Me: I wish I didn't have to go too, but I need to.
Him: I won't let you! I'll lock you in!
Me: That's sweet, but I do have work to do... Come on, give me a goodbye hug?
Him (trying to wriggle out of my arms): I want a fire truck just like Saoirse's. It's a Plan Toys firetruck! It has...
Me: I think you're trying to distract me. Sweetie, you know I have to leave whether or not you give me a hug and kiss goodbye, right?
Him: No, actually, I don't know that! (He has in fact been told that many, many, many times, but still seems to be firmly of the opinion that if he can just avoid giving me a goodbye hug or kiss, I won't be able to actually leave.)
[livejournal.com profile] kettunainen: Well, you just learned it.
Him: No, I didn't!

I'm happy that he loves me enough that he doesn't want me to leave, but it does make partings a little stressful... :-/

. . .

In other kid-related news, I am co-leading the Yule Family Circle at the WCC next Sunday (the Family Circles are special kid-friendly rituals that take place on the Sunday nearest each sabbat, before the regular sabbat ritual). For anyone pagan-inclined who has kids and wants to bring them, it's at 3:00 at the Temple (upstairs from the Occult Shop, on Vaughan Road). Bring kid-friendly food to share, as there's a pot-luck feast afterwards.
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I appear to be breaking new ground in storytelling, as the Lynxcub increasingly likes me making up stories for him rather than just reading to him. Really, it's one long story in multiple installments - currently a Goldilocks/Batman/Lego/Thomas the Tank Engine/And Tango Makes Three crossover, plus pirates and dragons. No Daleks yet, but I'm sure they can't be far off...

For one of last night's installments, he wanted me to tell him a story involving all 16 Lego minifigures shown on the sheet that came with the little circus ringmaster minifig that Dianne got him. Plus Tango (the little girl penguin with two daddies, from And Tango Makes Three, one of his favourite books*). So I had Tango take a day-long outing from the zoo, in which she danced with a mariachi band, performed with a mime, met an archaeologist at the museum, etc.

Earlier that night, Goldilocks and Little Bear took a trip to the city, and encountered a subway delay due to unexpectedly melted tracks, and ended up having to rescue a trapped dragon from inside the tunnels. with the help of Thomas and friends. It ended with a big party in Christie Pits, where people barbecued food on the dragon's breath in between taking shifts at replanting all the grass and trees they'd had to dig up to free the dragon from the subway. The plants all grew back especially well because of the dragon energy that was in the ground after that, and every year on that day the TTC workers and neighbourhood residents had a Dragon Day picnic to commemorate the event.

I have no idea how I come up with this stuff, BTW. He just says what he wants to hear about (sometimes as simple as "so what happened with Goldillocks and Batman?" or "Tell me a story about a Lego crane!"), and I start talking, and it just comes out...

* Also, one of the most-banned books in the US in recent history. I'm so glad he likes it.
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  1. The e-mail problems that had been happening for the past two days ( can't recall now if I posted about that here or on FB or both) are apparently NOT entirely sorted out, or at least not for all clients. Two client have not been able to receive mail all day today, and even my own mail is coming in sort of random bunches here and there throughout the day.

  2. My apartment building is filled with nasty solventy fumes from the renovations happening on the restaurant downstairs, and when I and my upstairs neighbours both complained to the building manager, he said that the company had told him that what they were using was water-based and non-toxic and the only thing anyone should be smelling is water and sawdust. Uh, right. Because that would totally account for the entire building reeking like paint thinner. It's relatively bearable IF you keep all the windows at least partially open, but it's bloody cold outside, and now bloody cold inside as well.

  3. I have to finish uploading a ton of pictures to a magazine site within the next hour, which is going to be next to impossible, but I haven't had any bloody TIME today.

  4. I am dealing with all this on only three hours of sleep.

The only good sides I can see to all this at the moment are that:
  1. I got to know my upstairs neighbours better, and the Lynxcub was able to spend some time playing with their kids, and

  2. Having it freezing cold in my apartment keeps the hot flashes to a minimum. Now they're more like lukewarm flashes.

So, yeah. Today: fired.
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Just found out that registration for the Ride to Conquer Cancer closes tomorrow. I didn't register yet, and right now, with rent due tomorrow and various and sundry bills to deal with, I can't afford the $50 registration fee.

Maybe it's just as well — I'm not entirely sure I could have been fully prepared to ride 200km by June, unless I trained really hard between now and then, and I don't know if I'll have the time to train as hard as I'd need to. Plus, while I'm OK with riding during at least some winter weather, I do have limits, and if I'm trying to prepare by riding really long distances, doing it at -10 in February is not, I have to admit, the most appealing prospect in the world. Not to mention the fact that I'm still trying to get caught up on my gym fees so I don't have that option open to me right now.

I suppose the best thing to do is let it go for now, and concentrated on getting my gym membership paid up so that I can start working out again, ride as much as I comfortably can in the winter and more once it gets warmer, and for this year, aim to do one of the shorter charity rides — I think there are several others that aren't quite as huge as the RTCC. And then for next year, realize ahead of time that registration closes six months before the actual event, and get registered early!
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The night before I left for Albany, I did laundry, and while I distinctly recalled my favourite T-shirt going into the wash, and even my turning it inside out to protect the writing before putting it in the dryer, when I got home, it was not in with my clean laundry. I searched everywhere, repeatedly. Searched bag of clean dry laundry, searched wet laundry hanging up (even though I was pretty sure I put it in the dryer), searched all dresser drawers (before, after, and while putting away clean clothes), searched semi-clean clothes hanging over footboard of bed, searched closet even though I never put T-shirts in there — it was nowhere to be found.

The laundromat had closed for the night by the time I discovered it missing, so I thought I'd check there the next morning en route to the bus station, but I didn't have time. I left a message asking if [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik could take a look if they got a chance, and Optimystik did go look for it, but didn't find it. So I pretty much gave up on ever seeing it again, tried to avoid letting [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech know, since it had been a present from her, and made plans to secretly order a new one next time I had the money, and just pretend it had never been lost.

But today as I was getting dressed, what should I happen to come across in a dresser drawer but... that very T-shirt. Clean, neatly folded, and exactly where it should be. Exactly, in fact, where I am 99.99% sure it was not on any of the 15 or so other times I looked there for it. The hell?

So... fairies? Playful poltergeist? ADD? No clue, I'm just glad it's back. And must now apologize to Optimystik for sending him on what may have been a wild goose chase.

I suppose the rational explanation is that due to travel preparation stress, lack of sleep and what not, I just somehow managed to fold it and put it away without seeing it, and also not see it while looking through that drawer many, many times. But while rational explanations have their place, I still made a point of saying thank you to the fairies for returning it. And I promise not to kill them with my brain.

Home again

Nov. 29th, 2010 02:38 am
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Back in town, and slept about 12 hours last night, due to spending the previous night on the Megabus (with no wi-fi!), and the night before in less-than-ideal sleeping arrangements. Finished my Deliria game yesterday despite massive sleep deprivation, and spent this afternoon with the Lynxcub.

Will try to write more about the US trip soon, but in the meantime, I present the following highlight from today's Cub time:

I had gotten him a couple of presents while in the US — Harold and the Purple Crayon and a little Lego car kit, which he had great fun with. He seemed especially enchanted with the little minifigure it came with, and at one point, he had it talking to the little Lego person he'd previously made out of the regular bricks in the basic Lego set he started with:

Minifigure: Would you like to drive my car?

Brick person: I can't — I don't have any hands.

Minifigure: Oh, that's OK! I'll drive for you,

Brick person: Thank you for driving! I'm so glad you have hands!

I just about fell over laughing... Yes, the boy's imagination is developing wonderfully.
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More evidence of budding Doctor Who geekery in the boy:

While building something with Lego, he told me: "I'm building a Dalek prison place. This opening is for them to get groceries through, so that they don't take over the world while they're out getting groceries."

As I was trying not to die of laughter, he paused thoughtfully, and added "Daleks are pretty cute, but they aren't very friendly."

. . .

Shortly afterward, he decided that it was actually a Dalek house, rather than a prison: "But only for the good Daleks."

"The ones that don't try to take over the world?"

"That's right. The Doctor built it for them. He's not the kind of doctor who makes sick people better, he's the kind that finds good Daleks nice places to live."

. . .

Later on, he was playing with a bunch of little plastic animals, and announced that they were sick with "a really bad, go-to-the-doctor flu".

"So they have to go an see a veterinarian?"

"Yes! But the girl veterinarian isn't very good at it yet. The father veterinarian is better."

(Trying to process this:) "Uh... so there's a father and daughter veterinarian, but the daughter's still learning and isn't a very good vet yet?"

"That's right. She isn't very good at it yet, because she's still young. But she sometimes fights off bad chemicals. And Daleks."
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These are awesome.

They remind me a little bit of the text-collage poems I used to do when I was in university, but (like most creative pursuits) haven't done as much since then. But in a cool artistic jewelry form. She takes bits from old fairy tale books and assembles them into little mini-poems on ceramic pendants. WANT.
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Had an overnight visit from the Lynxcub Friday night, which was very nice despite Rosalind's usual insistence on expressing her affection for us by walking all around the bed and all over us while purring loudly, so that I had to spend much of the night fending her off from stepping on the Cub (since she's large enough to be disruptive even when she walks on me, and he's much smaller than I am). But this time she only kept it up for around... two hours or so? Seriously, that's actually an improvement.

Earlier, while trying (for quite some while) to get him settled down to bed, he at one point protested "I can't go to sleep! I'm too interested in playing with Lego!" and then a bit later "I'm too interested to go to sleep!" (I should perhaps mention that he has Lego here, but not at home, since he has a baby brother there who is of an age to put everything in his mouth, and that does not go well with having small plastic bricks all over the place.)

Best part: waking up (too early) Saturday morning to the Cub sitting on the bed next to me saying cheerfully "Wake up, it's morning!" And as soon as I'd managed to get up into a sitting position, he flung his arms around me and said with great enthusiasm "I love you so much!!" Sweetest morning greeting ever!

And then immediately afterward, as if it followed completely logically from that: "I want to make lots and lots of things with Lego! I want to make too much Lego!" I sense an obsession developing on that front...

I think I already posted that, a few weeks ago, I got him his first Lego set, and since then he has been completely infatuated with all things Lego. A lot of the Lego play thus far is actually him asking me to make things for him, but he does make some (usually odd-looking) things himself, and also likes playing with all the things I make (see the carnivorous horse story).

Latest construction: a Lego Dalek! The Cub has been developing a certain level of interest in Doctor Who, though he's never actually seen a full episode, just a bunch of short clips. It all started with him liking to play with my TARDIS USB hub, and then he wanted to see a video of the TARDIS at one point, and it just sort of progressed from there. But yes... Lego Dalek! It's not super-realistic, given that (a) we only have a basic Lego starter set thus far, and (b) about 80% of the pieces were already tied up in a couple of small buildings, a tea set and a bunch of scary carnivourous farm animals (the Cub has not yet reconciled himself to the idea that Lego creations eventually have to be taken apart if you want to keep making new stuff), so I was working with a very limited set of leftover bricks. But I think it's at least recognizable, and he seemed to be happy with it.

Pictures )
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I've seen such a wide variety of comments on Remembrance Day (and/or the various other names it's called by in other countries) on my Facebook feed today. Some are moving, some are thought-provoking, and some are -- well, varying degrees of saddening, and not necessarily in any way their posters intended.

I've always felt conflicted about Remembrance Day. Read more... )
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Even when the Lynxcub is upset and/or angry, he's freakishly cute, although sometimes in a slightly disturbing way. Some things he has said lately when Not Happy:

Over the course of a prolonged struggle to get him into his winter coat:
"I don't like my winter coat any more! I want to break it! I want to break it and throw it away! I want to throw it in the street and make it dirty! I want to throw it up on top of this building!"

Partly out of curiosity and partly to distract him, I asked how he would do that:

"I would get a big long rope with a hook on the end and throw it all the way up there until the rope was tight and then put it at the very top!"

And later, when having to put on said coat again, to go home after the visit:

"I want to break it into little pieces and throw the threads at cars!"

On a similar note, when trying to get him re-dressed after he had insisted on taking off most of his clothes:
"I don't like my jeans! I don't like my old jeans or my new jeans! They're too uncomfortable!"

I asked if he had any pants he did like:

"No! I don't like any pants at all! I want to break all my pants! I want to break my pants and my shirt and my socks and my boots and my coat and my hoodie! I want to break all my clothes!"

When asked how he felt at times when a grownup had yelled at him for something he didn't do (this was in the context of me trying to impress upon him why he shouldn't yell at Kiska when she hadn't done anything wrong):
"I would push the grownup down and cut the grownup into little pieces and eat the grownup!"

. . .

And, in less angry forms of cuteness, he was looking in the cupboard where I put Lego stuff we've made to keep it safe between his visits, and asked why I'd put the duck up on top of the farmhouse. I told him that ducks are birds and maybe it flew up there. He gave me A Look, and said, very patiently, as though explaining things to a slow learner, "Lego can't fly!"
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The entries for the second Last Author Standing challenge have been posted, and voting is open. Those who found trying to read through 52 entries last time daunting will be pleased to see that, in addition to the two who were voted out*, a number of people have either skipped or defaulted, so there are only 35 this time. As before, they're between 100 and 1000 words in length, so it doesn't actually take all that long to read through them. Anyone with an LJ account can vote, whether you're a member of that community or not.

The entries:
Post #1
Post #2
Post #3
Post #4

The voting post - vote by replying to the "ORIGINAL VOTING" comment.

A few other notes:
  • This is the original fiction version of LAS. There are also various fan fiction versions if you're interested in that - links in the sidebar of any of the community pages. Personally, I am not for the most part a fan of fan fiction, but each to their own.

  • Yes, one of the stories is mine. No, I will not tell you which one. All I will say is that I'm happier with the one I wrote for this challenge than the previous one.

  • The prompt this time was: "If you are going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill.

  • Deadline for voting: Sunday, Nov 7, 5pm EST

* The idea of LAS, for those who don't know, is that the stories are voted on (anonymously), and for each challenge, the author of the lowest-ranking story or stories (depending on how many entries there are) is out of the running, and it keeps going until only one author is left.


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