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One small but awesome present I got for Giftmas, from [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech, was a set of 6-sided dice called Story Cubes, with pictures on them that you can use for various storytelling games. They were the source of much entertainment on an evening out we had with [livejournal.com profile] curgoth, [livejournal.com profile] mycrazyhair and several other friends. The idea was, according to the box, to divide the dice among all present and have one person start with "Once upon a time..." and the roll their dice for inspiration, and then continue around the table with each person adding to the story. But given that we were all somewhat under the influence of many and various interesting varieties of beer at the time, the story instead started with "No shit — there I was!" and the each-with-their-own-dice thing quickly degenerated into first grabbing dice from other people, and then eventually keeping all the dice in a big pile in the middle with people taking as many as they felt like using when their turn came. As you might expect both from the alcohol factor and the excellent company, things quickly became very surreal, and a certain point I felt compelled to start taking notes on my phone of some of the more... interesting things that were said.

Cosmic turtles, electromagnetic shoes, and a phone call from God )

Of course, the Lynxcub is also an enduring source of extreme creativity. So as the childhood sequel to the adult madness above, here is a conversation I recently had with him:

The Pirates of Prince Edward County )
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Now is that, or is that not, one of the creepiest things you've ever seen?

From Pictures: Hard-to-See Sea Creatures Revealed on NationalGeographic.com.

Elsewhere in undersea weirdness, check out this surly-looking fish with hands, which looks like it's stomping over to smack someone.

Also, "City of Gonads" Jellyfish Found. I can't think of any comment I could possibly make on that one that would be more entertaining than the story itself.
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If anyone has ever wondered why I love [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews so much:

http://blogs.discovery.com/deep_sea_news/2008/03/ladies-of-the-b.html (Pictures fine, text NSFW)

This entry's actually from back in March, but I somehow missed it the first time, and they recently linked to it so that's how I ended up finding it. You really need to read it all the way through for some of the choicest bits. And don't be drinking any liquids at the time.

This is so not your average science blog. As one of the co-authors put it regarding this entry, "You give the new guy creative license and all of sudden we're Penthouse." Although their off-kilter sense of humour and focus on the bizarre certainly did not start with "the new guy"...

Also, they're in the midst of a series on the "27 Best Deep-Sea Species", which have thus far included such stellar candidates as the Big Butt Worm and Dumbo Octopus, plus the less intriguingly named but equally odd Brachiopods ("sort of the living dead except they won’t suck your brains out") and Xenophyophores ("So to recap, big single-celled animal that secretes a slimy goo all over and attaches parts of dead things to itself.").
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OK, this (found via [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews, whence come all things creepy and ocean-related but not penned specifically by H.P.Lovecraft): Oceana, an ocean conservation organization, are running a "freakiest fish contest" where you can vote on which of 13 brain-bendingly bizarre undersea creatures (not all of them fish, actually) is your favourite:


Fanfin SeadevilThey'll announce the winner on Halloween, and then everyone who voted for that particular beastie gets entered in a draw to win a pair of free tickets to an IMAX screening of "Deep Sea 3D!" or a copy of Claire Nouvian's book The Deep (the latter of which has been high on my Amazon wish list for quite a while, so that was a good motivator for me).

Note: I strongly suspect that voting gets you put on Oceana's "wavemakers" e-mail list. I was already on the list, so I didn't care, but others might. It's not a terribly high-traffic list -- just occasional announcements or action alerts on marine environmental issues, and I like that sort of thing anyway. And to my knowledge they don't share their mailing list with anyone else. But it's something to be aware of, anyway...

My pick, cut so as not to bias anyone else's vote, assuming anyone else on my flist finds this sort of thing interesting enough to vote in the first place )
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LOLRhizocephalans: Plotting to Take Over the World

More evidence that this is the most brilliant twisted science blog in the entire Interwebz.

If for some strange reason you do not yet have their RSS feed on your friends page, you may correct that oversight here: [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews.

Assuming, of course, that you enjoy reading about freakish quasi-Lovecraftian (but real) stuff from under the sea, interspersed with (a) environmental news about what we're doing to it all and (b) bizarre humour, as much as I do.

A few other recent highlights:

Giant Antarctic Sea Creatures
Shrimp Training for Beijing Olympics

And on a somewhat more serious note:

Plastic Trash Lines the Pacific
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From Deep Sea News:
krakengigante.jpgToday is Cephalopod Awareness Day. Jason at Cephalopodcast asks us to "embrace your inner octopus and let the world know what we think of our tentacled friends."

At the moment, Craig is in the running for a spot on a documentary series about the deep-sea. He is one of five finalists on the casting couch in Boston today, so I am taking the opportunity to revive an old post documenting known attacks of the Kraken. As you will see below, I don't think of squid as "friends". Quite the contrary...

These are turbulent times. Lately, an awesome sea rides in on violent storms ravaging Gulf coasts and Indian coasts, destroying cities, bringing marine life up on land. These are important developments in the ocean climate. Our homeland security may depend on our ability to defend ourselves from these encroaching dangers.

Those of us that have witnessed first hand the bony sawtoothed tentacles of the colossal squid, and have learned of its medieval club shaped appendage, agree that sea monsters really do exist, and we must begin to take precautions. Perhaps we can set aside centuries - old and troubled quests for oil and religion, and focus now on the real and most dangerous enemy lurking below - the Kraken.
More here: http://scienceblogs.com/deepseanews/2007/10/attacks_of_the_kraken.php
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You need to see the top entries from an underwater photography competition. The good ones are mainly in categories 1 & 3 -- 2 & 4 are not so interesting. 5 is kind of cool, but I wish they didn't have all the videos play at the same time!

Those with an irrational fear of weird creatures that live deep in the ocean might want to take a pass, though. Me, I just wish they had larger versions of the images available.

And in semi-related news, Russians apparently want to know when their president feels that Cthulhu is going to rise.

(Found in [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews and [livejournal.com profile] necronomiphiles, respectively.)


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