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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG - it finally happened!

Behold the results of the last round.

Eight votes. Eight votes. I'm not sure anyone's yet gotten eight votes. It might have taken me seven challenges to finally win one, but... holy fuck. I think I'm in shock.

For anyone who wants to read the story in question, it was "Away".

And I really, really hope that this isn't another spreadsheet error.
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I had a wonderful time at the Kensington Market solstice festival, masked as a wolf, but despite wearing wool and layers and all that, got cold enough to have to bow out before the parade had quite reached its destination. Still, an excellent night, and a perfect example of everything I love about Toronto.

In no particular order, highlights (including from before and after the event itself) included oatmeal coffee stout, an anglerfish lantern, Native drummers, marching bands, old friends, new friends, puppet shows, howling at the moon with my similarly masked companions, Mexican food, mummers, fire, dancing and giant animal puppets.

And perhaps especially, encountering [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen, [livejournal.com profile] optimystik and the kids and getting to carry the Lynxcub around on my shoulders for a while and show him some of the awesomeness. I had been thinking that while last night's visit was great, I kind of wished I was the one taking him to the parade tonight, and as it turned out I did get to spend some time with him there, so all was good.

And now, there are about a thousand forms of work I should theoretically be doing, but I think it is time for bed.

Happy Yule, everyone! And now, sleep.

I exist!

Dec. 20th, 2010 02:43 am
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I finally, finally got some votes in [livejournal.com profile] originalfic_las! Two people voted my story best, which was not enough to win, but it was tied for second. Up until now, none of my stories have gotten any votes at all, so now I feel kind of like Yay! I exist!

If anyone would like to read my story, now that the voting's done and it's OK to say who wrote what, it was Disablót. I think [livejournal.com profile] foxesdaughter particularly ought to read it, but of course anyone else is welcome to as well (and to give me feedback on it if you want). The prompt, BTW, was to write a story based at least somewhat on Dickens's "A Christmas Carol", though obviously mine is based a little more loosely on it than most.

I sadly didn't manage to vote in this one - I'd decided early on which one I wanted to vote for as best (Lost in Translation, which made me practically laugh until I cried), but found it much harder to pick one for worst, since at this point most of the bad writers have already been eliminated and it's down to picking the least good instead, which is harder. And somehow while I was deliberating, life got in the way and suddenly it was Sunday night already. But thankfully, "Lost in Translation" won anyway, and if you haven't read it, you really should.
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These are awesome.

They remind me a little bit of the text-collage poems I used to do when I was in university, but (like most creative pursuits) haven't done as much since then. But in a cool artistic jewelry form. She takes bits from old fairy tale books and assembles them into little mini-poems on ceramic pendants. WANT.
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I should have probably posted something about this sooner, but DriveThru RPG is having their annual GM's Day sale where all kinds of stuff is discounted by 25% (or even more in some cases) - and, most notably, one particular company, Adamant Entertainment, has decided to offer their entire product line at $1 a title, no matter what the usual price of any given book.

The reason I think the Adamant offer is particularly likely to be of interest to a lot of people I know is because of one of their game lines in particular: The Imperial Age, which is a Victorian/steampunk game. There are 20 titles in it, including sourcebooks on steampunk machinery, Victorian hermetic magic, British India, adapting classic fantasy races (elves, orcs, etc. to a Victorian setting, etc. For $1 each. It's based on ye olde d20 system, which is not one of my favourites, but I suspect there's a lot of stuff in there that can be adapted to other systems or just generally mined for inspiration.

The sale ends Monday morning, so any gamers out there who are interested in and/or already running Victorian/steampunk games (yes, [livejournal.com profile] curgoth, I am looking at you, among other people), might want to check this out sooner rather than later. For anyone who is a gamer but is not so interested in the Victorian stuff, there's tons of other stuff on sale, both in the main 25%+ off range and in the Adamant $1-each-for-everything range.

Me, I managed to restrain myself from ordering the entire Imperial Age line (even though at $20 for the lot it would not have been exactly a large expenditure), and just settled on a handful of the ones I thought would be most readily adaptable to other systems. Though I now find I keep looking back at the page thinking "Hmmm, maybe I should have gotten that one... and that one... and that one..." so I should probably just step away from the computer now while the damage is still minimal.
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This looks really cool: Magical Child Books. One of everything, please!

I'm especially excited that Catherynne M. Valente (a.k.a [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna) has got a kids' book coming out. Considering the incredible awesomeness of her fantasy books for adults, I'm really looking forward to seeing what she's written for kids.

BTW, the most magical kids' book I've found to date is Let the Lynx Come In by Jonathan London. It's a poetic, beautifully illustrated story about a little boy going for a nighttime ride through the northern woods on the back of a lynx who climbs up the northern lights to take him to the moon. It's so beautifully written that it made me cry to read it the first time. Also, LYNX.

It's out of print (I found it at the library), but I'm going to try and find a used copy - Amazon's got a few listed via other sellers, though given their latest round of evil I should probably try other sources first. Also, the author has apparently written a TON of other kids' books - as in 18+ pages' worth of listings on Amazon. Not all of them seem to be done in the sort of dreamy mythopoetic style of that one - a lot look more like standard kids' books, which are much less interesting to me - but a number of them do seem to have been done in a similar style, and I have been madly adding them to my kids-books wishlist. Sadly, most of the cool-looking ones are OOP. I suppose now I know one author I'll be looking for every time every time I hit a used bookstore from now on...
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Found via Craftastrophe:


I take no responsibility for any sanity damage caused by clicking on the above link. Or damage caused to your computer or nasal passages should you happen to be drinking any liquid while clicking (which I do NOT recommend).

But seriously... Yes, it's horrifying, but it's also kind of awesome. If I were the sort of person who (a) had enough disposable income to consider spending $395 on a teapot, and (b) had enough storage space for the epic collection freakish teapots I have always secretly wanted to start, I would so buy it.

ETA: some other entertaining and/or amazing Craftastrophe posts (these are mostly the ones tagged with "Not a craftastrophe but cool enough to rate high"):

Eye Pod
Cake Wrecks, or Cake Rex?
Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Nightmare (this one is really mind-blowing, though you have to scroll down a bit to really get a sense of it)
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Not to mindlessly repeat the name of the blog I found it in, but this really, truly is an epic win:

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So I have now twice biked to a client's place near Pape & Gerrard, which is the longest distance I've done in a single stretch, apart from (I think) that one time I biked from [livejournal.com profile] foxesdaughter's place to Union Station along the waterfront trail late at night. And I've actually found it a pretty decent and enjoyable trek both times.

Although perhaps doing it today, after having had no sleep whatsoever the previous night, was unwise. Stayed up all night working on stuff, most notably finishing scanning a huge stack of portfolio samples for said client's web site (she's a copywriter), that I had to return to her today. Did briefly consider before departing that maybe major sleep deprivation and long bike rides on busy streets do not mix well. Discarded that notion as for the weak. :-) Still, no mishaps. There is nothing like the adrenaline of riding in traffic to make one feel much more awake than one otherwise might.

But contemplating the distance after the fact, it occurred to me to compare via Mapquest how far it was from my place to said client's place, and how far it would be to ride from my place all the way to Foxesdaughter's, as opposed to riding down to Christie station, taking the subway across to the east end, and then riding down from Main station.

Result: distance to client's place, 9.98 km
Distance to chez Foxes, 14.22 to 16.88 km, depending on route taken

That's not that much further... (she says thoughtfully, eying her bike)

Why yes, yes I am completely insane. Thank you for asking.

However, I think I am going to attempt to go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour tonight for a change. Despite having a big project due tomorrow. There is a level of tiredness beyond which you are good for nothing but playing Nethack and correcting people's English submissions on Livemocha, both of which are good low-stress brain candy, but neither of which pay the bills.

. . .

And in a random, semi-related note, I am so, so very happy that the Akiwenzies have returned to the farmers market near me. They are a small family-run fishing business from a Chippewa reserve on Georgian Bay, and they sell both fresh-caught and traditionally smoked fish from there, which is about as local fish as you will ever find in Toronto (I'm not sure I'd want to eat fish caught directly in the Toronto harbour, after all, what with the pollution levels there). They had been away all summer due to building a new smokehouse & fish-processing centre on their land, and last Saturday was their first day back.

I bought a big whitefish fillet from them on Saturday, and had then managed to almost forget it was there, until earlier this evening when I was really feeling the lack of sleep, with a combination of spaciness and unsettled tummy that made me feel like I really needed to eat something super-nutritious, but wasn't sure what, due to lack of being able to think. Then I remembered it, and it was like my whole brain just jumped tracks to "OMG fish fish fish fish FISH NOW FISH PLZ FISH FISH FISH!!!"I had originally thought that piece would do for three meals, but I baked the whole thing and ate a little over half of it in a single sitting, with some bulgur wheat and sauteed spinach (because dark leafy greens are the other thing I crave when tired or stressed).

So, so very good. And not just taste-wise, but in the way that feels like every cell in my body is turning little cartwheels of happiness from being inundated with a tidal wave of nutrients. I can seriously get very euphoric from eating things like that, especially when I was feeling tired or out of sorts before it.

And this is why despite being somewhat vegan-leaning in other respects, I have no desire to give up fish. My body just likes it entirely too much, and nothing else is quite the same. I don't know if it's the omega 3's, or B-12, or whether, as someone in [livejournal.com profile] necronomiphiles once claimed, I am secretly a Deep One. :-) I do dislike the excesses of commercial fisheries, though, and even when buying stuff that makes the sustainable seafood list, there's the whole carbon footprint thing to think about with having it flown in from somewhere near an actual ocean. So being able to actually buy lake fish caught somewhere nearby is incredibly happy-making.

. . .

Oh, and speaking of Deep Ones and related topics, [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen sent me the following link today: Miskatonic Valley Fine Art. All Lovecraft geeks must immediately check it out. Only two statues thus far, but they're really cool. I especially like the one of Shub-Niggurath.

. . .

I think I would like to go to bed NOW, actually. Though realistically I should at least answer a couple more e-mails...
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Chandni Chowk to China: "Cinematic gene-splicing can yield some very weird mutations. But even after taking into account Indian cinema's reputation for lavish excess and the martial arts genre's ever-escalating taste for frenzied action, the first-ever Bollywood kung fu comedy qualifies as deliriously and endearingly bizarre."

Bollywood kung fu movie. Bollywood kung fu movie! I am so going to see this as soon as I can be reasonably confident of not coughing my way through it. Hopefully soon. Who's with me?

And with regard to the last line of the review: "Hardier patrons will savour its unique brand of delirium and look forward to equally nutty hybrids. Surely Bollywood's first zombie comedy can't be far behind."

I would line up overnight to see that one if it does happen.
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From [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen:

Campy, kitschy, and completely made of win. If I'm ever attacked a gang of incompetent-looking thugs, I want to be rescued by this dynamic duo!
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OK, this (found via [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews, whence come all things creepy and ocean-related but not penned specifically by H.P.Lovecraft): Oceana, an ocean conservation organization, are running a "freakiest fish contest" where you can vote on which of 13 brain-bendingly bizarre undersea creatures (not all of them fish, actually) is your favourite:


Fanfin SeadevilThey'll announce the winner on Halloween, and then everyone who voted for that particular beastie gets entered in a draw to win a pair of free tickets to an IMAX screening of "Deep Sea 3D!" or a copy of Claire Nouvian's book The Deep (the latter of which has been high on my Amazon wish list for quite a while, so that was a good motivator for me).

Note: I strongly suspect that voting gets you put on Oceana's "wavemakers" e-mail list. I was already on the list, so I didn't care, but others might. It's not a terribly high-traffic list -- just occasional announcements or action alerts on marine environmental issues, and I like that sort of thing anyway. And to my knowledge they don't share their mailing list with anyone else. But it's something to be aware of, anyway...

My pick, cut so as not to bias anyone else's vote, assuming anyone else on my flist finds this sort of thing interesting enough to vote in the first place )
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I am pleased to announce that there is now a brand new black Supercycle Sprite in my front hallway. Yes, inside the apartment -- I did indeed cart it up the stairs and did not die, though I wouldn't call that part exactly fun. It might have been easier were the bike not (a) soaking wet and (b) bedecked with two large Canadian Tire bags stuffed with bike accessories, plus a wet umbrella, hanging from the handlebars. We shall see.

The San Pedro did look even cooler in person than on the web, but I tried lifting it just as an experiment and oh my Gods, I swear the frame was filled with lead or something. I could barely get it off the ground at all. Plus, the red-and-black colouring that I liked so much was only on the men's model -- the women's one was white with pink accents. Feh.

At first I thought they didn't even have the Sprite, as I looked all around without initially finding it, but eventually found they had just one, tucked away at the very end of one row of bikes, a women's model (which thankfully was still black and not pink or something) with an 18" frame. I was thinking with my height I would probably need the 20" frame, but the sticker on it said this size was good for heights 5'6"-5'9", so I just barely qualified. And when I got on to try it out, it seemed perfect -- I could put the balls of my feet to the ground but not my heels, which AFAIK is how it's supposed to be.

The lift test was not entirely happy-making -- it wasn't as light as I'd hoped, but it certainly was nowhere near as heavy as the damn San Pedro. And the only other models within my price range looked heavier. And at any rate, it was liftable. There was a sign advising people not to ride the bikes around in the store for safety reasons, which I found slightly amusing, although really it would have been nice to be able to give it a test ride. But I had to settle for just sort of rolling back and forth a bit on it. Anyway, all in all it seemed pretty good, so I decided to go for it.

Oh, and apparently it is technically considered a mountain bike due to having shock absorbers, even though it has thinner tires and a lighter frame than most mountain bikes, at least according to the clerk in the bike section. So it's sort of in the grey area between mountain and hybrid, effectively.

Then, of course, there were the various extras to be acquired: one helmet, black, not exactly the cheapest model as the cheapest ones were in obnoxious colours and didn't feel very comfortable when tried on, so more of a mid-price sort of helmet. One bell. One light set, battery rather than generator powered, because even thought the latter might be more environmentally friendly I don't fancy getting rear-ended due to having suddenly become invisible if I have to stop for some reason while riding at night -- a particular consideration given that both the bike and most of my wardrobe are black. One rear carrier. Two locks, one cable and one U-bar, because I have been advised by multiple people that that's safest. Also, the only places I can possibly lock the bike in my apartment building's hallway (first floor radiator or second floor pipes) would not fit a U-bar lock.

Even though I exercised a bit of restraint on the accessories, I found it ironic how quickly a $139 bike became a $269 transaction once all of them were factored in -- but I don't think I bought anything unnecessary, and I did try to opt for relatively inexpensive versions of pretty much everything, to the extent that was possible without buying anything that looked like absolute crap quality-wise.

Once all was paid for, I felt a bit silly walking it to the bus stop and taking it on the bus instead of riding it home, but as you may have gathered from the references to wetness and umbrellas in the first paragraph, the weather was not exactly ideal. Having not ridden a bike with any degree of frequency in years, I really was not enthusiastic about my first ride on the new one being a mile and a half along a busy street, while trying to juggle two shopping bags (since the carrier wasn't mounted yet), without lights on yet, at near-sundown, during a thunderstorm. Maybe I'm a wuss, but I do have some sense of self-preservation.

Anyway: tonight I expect to be fastening on all the various accessories, which is why I brought it into my apartment. Maybe tomorrow I will get to actually ride it. Although given that tomorrow's weather is predicted to be more of what we've been having today, maybe not. RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!

But even if I can't ride it yet, I am still ridiculously happy that I HAVE A BIKE!!!


May. 4th, 2008 03:14 am
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Did I mention there are three areas of the new apartment (kitchen, washroom and entrance hall) that have those sort of tile ceilings like office buildings do? Complete with fluorescent panels?

Behold: http://www.fluorescentgallery.com/


And... their shipping prices to Canada are decidedly reasonable, despite the fact that these things must be pretty damn large. All in all, I am virtually certain that there will be three of these in my future. I just have to decide which...
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A new community I just discovered, which I couldn't resist pouncing on immediately, and I suspect several people on my friends list will too: [livejournal.com profile] love_crafting.

Yes, it's a crafting (i.e. making stuff) community. Yes, the Lovecraft pun is intentional.

The very existence of this community fills me with glee. Also, er, unspeakable terror, of course. Because it just wouldn't be right without the unspeakable terror.

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It is a glorious day, for several reasons:

The sun is shining... Grass is turning green again... Little shoots of crocuses and other early bulbs are starting to come up... And best of all, as of 11:45 am today:

[livejournal.com profile] taikakettu is now a permanent resident of Canada!!!

It took soooooo long... But today it all became official. She'll have the card in 4-6 weeks, and in the meantime she has a paper attesting to her status. No more worries about immigration, ever!
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It's here! My Carnival Diabolique Act III decant circle order, that is. A very cold, snow-coverd postman just rang my doorbell and handed over a deliciously heavy Global Priority Mail box (well, in exchange for $11 duty & PST...*). I was a little wary since the box was in a plastic bag and marked as having been opened by customs, but I've checked and everything seems fine. All the bottles are now lined up neatly on my desk, and there's a sizable pile of frimps to divide between circle participants as well.

I will be working on decanting everything over the next few days. Another update to follow when everything is ready to go. Right now, I'm mainly just madly sniffing it all.

. . .

BTW, apologies for the lack of any sort of real posts here in the last while. I've been insanely busy, and probably will be for the next month and a half or so as well. Lots I'd like to write about, but no time to do it in. But I hope I'll be able to find a spare moment here and there to at least

. . .

* Yes, the Lab's strategy of kindly marking the value of all packages to Canada as $5 doesn't seem to have gone over well this time, as customs opened the box and reassessed it as $100. Can't complain, really, especially since the actual value was $350.


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