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These are awesome.

They remind me a little bit of the text-collage poems I used to do when I was in university, but (like most creative pursuits) haven't done as much since then. But in a cool artistic jewelry form. She takes bits from old fairy tale books and assembles them into little mini-poems on ceramic pendants. WANT.
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With all due apologies to those who hate the whole idea of Valentine's Day, I had a pretty good one. This was mostly due to the fact that [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech came up for the weekend, which is always a good thing. :-)
  1. Saturday we were intending to go to a 40s-themed party, so we spent the afternoon acquiring appropriate clothing at Kensington Market vintage shops.

    Clothing squee )

    Sadly, we discovered - once we were all dressed up and ready to go - that the party had been cancelled due to illness, so, not wanting to waste our fabulousness, we went out to Volo to enjoy assorted really interesting beers. I think my favourites were one called Bogwater that was flavoured with some kind of bog myrtle, and Dieu du Ciel's Aphrodisiaque, which is a cocoa/vanilla stout with a name that seemed highly appropriate for V-day weekend.

  2. V-day itself was partly taken up with collecting and putting up some nice shelves that [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik were getting rid of. [livejournal.com profile] optimystik came along to help us put them up, since it's really a three-person job, and as we were working on it, it occurred to me that happily putting up shelves with one's current partner and ex-partner, and everyone getting along, was probably not exactly the most common way to spend Valentine's Day, but it was certainly a pretty good one.

    The hallway looks a million times better now, and people are no longer attacked by random kamikaze books every time they pass through it. Later in the evening we put most of my mass-market-size paperbacks up there, and later still, after [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech had gone home on Monday, I was inspired enough by all this to actually start sorting and organizing books. Paperback fiction is now handily separated from everything else, and alphabetized. Also, I unpacked two (2) more boxes. Miracles can happen.

  3. Next up was visit time with the Lynxcub, which also enabled Kettu and Optimystik to have their own V-day outing. We took him to the sushi place around the corner from me, after some prolonged negotiation that went a bit like this:

    Sushi vs. cookies )

    Thankfully, we were able to keep the cookie component to a minimum, and he actually did eat a lot of sushi and edamame. But the most awesome thing was that he finally got the hang of using chopsticks! Granted, they were the kids' training-chopsticks that are hinged and have little finger-loops on them, but he's never managed to use them before as anything other than a projectile weapon, and this time he actually managed to successfully pick up bits of cookie food with them and transport them to his mouth with only a few accidents. Better than some adults I've seen try to use chopsticks, really. And pretty damn good for two and a half!

    Behold the photographic evidence! )

  4. After dropping the Lynxcub off, we went to see Sherlock Holmes, which was a lot of fun. Movie theatre popcorn is tastier than it has any right to be considering how horribly unhealthy it is. It's probably a good thing that I don't get out to movie theatres very often.

  5. Sadly, LGBTech was only here for the weekend and had to leave yesterday. But we have resolved that there will be less time between this visit and the next than there was between this one and the last. But all in all it was an excellent visit, even if she did end up catching my cold (or "Moose flu", as her American co-workers dubbed it the last time she came back from Canada sick).

  6. And what with all the shelf-putting-up and subsequent organizing, I am feeling highly productive. Enough that tonight I decided to finally try installing Ubuntu Linux on my little red netbook.

    The first half of the process was hell and the second half was pretty much bliss. Ironically, given their respective reputations for ease of use and the lack thereof, the homicidal-fury-inducing part was the part dealing with Windows (specifically, trying to make a bootable USB drive from an ISO file, and then induce the machine to actually boot from it), and the oh-hey-this-is-really-easy part was the Linux part. Yes, really. Installing Ubuntu - including partitioning the drive to make it dual-boot, and create an extra partition on which I'm going to attempt to install OS X - was on a par with most Mac software installations: pretty to look at it, and requiring virtually no conscious thought. I knew Ubuntu had a reputation for being a much more user-friendly Linux distribution than most, but wow! My grandmother could have done it.

    And the graphic interface of the "Netbook Remix" is really gorgeous. Colour me impressed. I'm not about to give up my iMac, but I'm pretty sure Ubuntu will be the primary OS for the netbook. It makes the Windows XP installation it came with look like something designed by the Spanish inquisition as a test of character by comparison.

    Most surreal moment: at one point during the installation, it briefly flashed the following message: "Preparing to completely remove ubiquity". I have no idea what that meant, but I can only assume that from now on, nothing will be ubiquitous.


Dec. 7th, 2008 11:04 pm
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For any of you who, like me, do book and paper arts of some sort, don't miss this!

The Paper Place (formerly The Japanese Paper Place) is having a contest in which the prize is one sample sheet of every kind of Chiyogami paper they carry -- that's 637 different kinds, for a total value of nearly $2000. A seriously swoon-worthy prize!

You can enter the contest here.

Why yes, mentioning it in your blog does give you bonus chances. Why do you ask?
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Tonight, [livejournal.com profile] the_moogie and [livejournal.com profile] mr_pugh, with the assistance of my stepmother's car, helped me finally pick up the wooden shelves [livejournal.com profile] northbard and [livejournal.com profile] tormenta had been hanging onto for me since [livejournal.com profile] nocturnalia & [livejournal.com profile] valgarth's move, and also a brand new NORESUND BED FRAME (AT LAST!!!)

Moogie had picked it up at Ikea when she was there getting other stuff, because it was on clearance sale prior to being discontinued(!), and offered it to me as barter for web work, which was fine by me. How Ikea could even contemplate discontinuing that most lovely bed frame, I do not now. It has spirals.

Getting everything stowed in the car was an adventure, especially the bed frame. The box it came in was too big to fit even into my stepmother's rather large car (I find it highly ironic that she has an SUV and my father is a devoted Green Party member), so we ended up having to open the box and try to fit the pieces in one by one, which initially seemed like not such a good idea when (a) one of them was almost the exact same size as the box, and (b) the little bag containing all the fiddly bits of hardware burst, scattering them all over the street.

Did I mention this was in Chinatown, on a Saturday? Very, very busy street, packed with people and cars and stuff and a homeless guy very persistently trying to help us, presumably in exchange for money. We politely declined his help, several times over, so he settled for being a backseat driver, standing back and telling us everything we were doing wrong and how we could be doing it better. The annoying part was that he was generally right. Still, we eventually got it all in, and I discovered that Moogie has a sluagh-like ability to squeeze herself into impossibly small spaces. It was very impressive -- I am almost certain her bones had to rearrange themselves.

Once here, they set up the bed frame while I mostly got in the way and/or apologized. I did try to help at one point but promptly made everything worse, so I decided that perhaps I would be better off in the kitchen making snacks for everyone. Normally I do like to consider myself moderately competent at putting stuff together, but I have my limits, and it seems like about half of what I attempt to do putting-stuff-together-wise exceeds them. Thus the "moderately competent" part.

Anyway, they did an excellent job, despite Kiska giving them baleful looks that were somewhere between "Stuff is moving around -- this means you're going to move away and give me to the pound like my first family did, right? Right?! My life is woe." and "Oh dear, strange things are happening to the bed, and the last time that happened, it ended up too tall for me to jump up onto. My life is woe." Kiska is good at woe.

But since I am not using a box spring, the bed is in fact not terribly high, and Kiska is at this very moment curled up on it, having apparently adjusted herself to the change. I look forward to joining her in the near future.

The shelves are for the time being stacked under the bed (Newly available storage space! Yay!), until I get the places they are going to go clear, and stain them to match my other shelves. I'm pretty sure I have a litre of that water-based burgundy wood stain that adorns virtually every wooden thing in my apartment left...

Anyway, MANY thanks to Moogie and Mr. Pugh for all their help, to Northbard and Tormenta for keeping the shelves at their place until I could arrange transport, and to Nocturnalia and Valgarth for donating the shelves in the first place. You all rock, and thanks to you my new(-ish) place is inching its way toward perfection.

. . .

Now, onto the second promised item. For the most part I am pretty tired of online quizzes and stuff, but every now and then I come across one that's actually interesting. This one, found chez [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen definitely fit the bill. It was an intriguing concept, and the results I got (and her results also) were kind of scarily accurate.

But I'm still putting it behind a cut, for those of you who hate all quizzes equally )
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I've been meaning to do a proper catching-up udpate for a while, but this is not it. This is just a small post on the experience I had taking the advice [livejournal.com profile] danaeris gave me in the comments on this post, and checking out Change on Queen St. Or Change of Scandinavia, which is apparently their full and proper name. Essentially, they are the Ikea of bras -- as in, a European chain aimed at providing quality at affordable prices.

Mostly, it was a good experience, although on the whole not quite as good as I'd hoped.

The good part )

The not so good part )

So, all in all, not quite the bra paradise I was hoping for, but not without merit either. I'll probably check out other stores as well, but I likely will go back to Change at some point and maybe try on that higher-end bra.

For now, though, here I sit in my new 34H bra, enjoying the fact that I finally have something decently supportive again, even while also feeling resentful that there weren't more options for me that worked, and trying to resign myself to not only an even more freakish-sounding bra size than before, but also the fact that weight loss or no, I will probably never be in the market for department-store bras again, ever.


May. 4th, 2008 03:14 am
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Did I mention there are three areas of the new apartment (kitchen, washroom and entrance hall) that have those sort of tile ceilings like office buildings do? Complete with fluorescent panels?

Behold: http://www.fluorescentgallery.com/


And... their shipping prices to Canada are decidedly reasonable, despite the fact that these things must be pretty damn large. All in all, I am virtually certain that there will be three of these in my future. I just have to decide which...
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In the future, when contemplating a possible shortcut in a neighbourhood with which I am not overly familiar, I shall try and remember the following:
  1. The Path Less Travelled may make all the difference, but it is not necessarily an efficient means of getting where you thought you were going.

  2. In order for something to be considered a short cut, it needs to, in fact, be short.

  3. Because a path appears to wind in a generally southward direction does not mean it will continue to do so along its whole length.

  4. Even if said path does eventually intersect with the street you were trying to get to, it will not necessarily enable you to get up to said street, if its mode of intersection is by passing under it at the bottom of a huge ravine.

  5. You are not a mountain goat.

  6. If you pass under what you think might have been Bloor St, and continue on a fair distance because there is no good way out of the ravine for people who do not happen to be mountain goats, and eventually you hear another street that sounds extremely busy, where by your calculations no extremely busy street should be, it may be that not only did you not pass under Bloor St after all but perhaps you are not even heading south at all.

  7. The laws of time and space work differently in ravines. They're kind of like Faerie that way.

  8. If the eventual route you find out of the ravine involves the path doubling back on itself up the other side of a river, chances are good it will eventually let you out somewhere almost exactly back where you started.

  9. So, overall, when faced with a choice between two blocks of what I have come to think of as the Mount Pleasant Death March*, on a hot summer day, and a shady tree-lined path into an unknown park, your choice may be obvious, but do not expect to get home at a reasonable hour.
On the bright side, there was a butterfly meadow. So really, it was all good, except for the part about all the stores I needed to go to for errands being closed by the time I found my back to the mortal world.

* Explanatory note to non-Torontonians: Mount Pleasant Road does not involve a mountain, nor is it in any way pleasant. In the area to which I am referring, it is a four-lane highway, every inch of which is blasted by intense sun, contains not a single speck of shade anywhere in its entire length, and I would be willing to swear that it really does run uphill both ways.

ETA: for the curious, the ravine in question was this one. Entered at Mt. Pleasant and Roxborough, went nearly to Bayview before the path went around a storm water thing and back up the other side, came out at approximately Glen Road and South Drive. So the bridge I went under was likely Glen Road rather than Bloor, which I in fact was nowhere near, though I did eventually find my way to Sherbourne and Bloor some while later.
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Tons of things I want to post about, but not enough time for any of it. Maybe I'll catch up over the holidays... For now, just a few quick ones:
  1. The WCC Yule ritual last Sunday was amazing. In the 25 years I've been involved with that community, I can only think of a handful of public rituals that have had that kind of spine-tingling intensity that makes them still stand out in your mind a decade later, but I think this will definitely be one of those. It was an Egyptian mystery play, based on a myth in which Hathor leaves the House of Ra and Thoth is sent to find her and convince her to return, and the thing that made it really unique was that it was done almost entirely in music -- like a ritual opera. I had no idea we had such an array of incredible voices in this community... The music was gorgeous, and Thoth's final duet with Hathor was incredibly powerful and moving, especially when the whole circle gradually begain joining in on the refrain. I think I can safely say that was one of the top ten Best Rituals Ever.

  2. December has flown by at warp speed. We are leaving town on Friday afternoon and I have so much stuff I at least theoretically need to get done between now and then that even if I didn't sleep at all I still couldn't do all of it. I think there will be some apologetic e-mails to clients in the very near future, accompanied by promises of finishing everything when I get back into town...

  3. Speaking of not sleeping, I really don't handle all-nighters as well as I used to. Night before last I didn't go to bed until nearly 8 in the morning, and my attempts at giftmas shopping the next day were pitiful. I would walk into a store and stand there in the midst of bustling crowds, staring blankly ahead of me and trying to remember what I was doing there again. Anything requiring decision-making ability was a dead loss. I spent about 5 hours out and came home with two books, nothing else.

  4. Pray for Coal: The 10 Worst Toys of All Time is too funny, in a sick sort of way. Link courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] satyrblade. I think the home atomic energy kit is my personal favourite, though the finger-eating Cabbage Patch Kids are a close runner-up.

  5. We are going to a resort-ish place for Christmas with my father and stepmother, and one of my stepbrothers and his wife and kids. Nothing exotic, just a couple of hours from Toronto and normally a ski resort, but with our current absence of snow (apparently Colorado has stolen our winter), there won't be much skiing going on. Still, it sounds kind of equal parts exciting and nervous-making. More the latter, for [livejournal.com profile] taikakettu, who is very worried about food issues.

  6. This has also necessitated us getting nice pajamas and such to wear when dealing with family members early in the morning. I now have shiny purple pajamas and, as of today, also a new pair of slippers with are ridiculously girly -- white with fake fur trim and silver sparkles and rhinestones on them. They are all soft and furry inside, so it's kind of like walking around with me feet in furry pillows. Shiny sparkly furry pillows. I love them. But I think I just lost all my goth points in one fell swoop.

  7. Claribell is afraid of said slippers -- she seems to think they're some kind of weird animal, and watches them warily whenever she's in the same room with them, as though she thinks they might attack at any moment. And occasionally tries to sneak up on them and swipe at them with her claws -- only to end up fleeing down the hall in terror if some prankster happens to nudge the slippers so that they move a little... Not that any of us would ever do such a thing, of course.

  8. Everyone who likes pretty-smelling bath things, handmade soaps, etc. should check out http://www.faerytub.com immediately. Local (as in Toronto), scented with all natural essential oils, and clearly her web site was designed by someone fabulously talented. ;-)

  9. How, exactly, did it get to be 3:11 am, and what happend to all the stuff I thought I was going to get done before going to bed tonight?
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I just finished uploading several sample portfolios from the new issue of Magenta Magazine, a photography journal put out by an arts organization I'm involved with, to their web site. Including two I think everyone should see (links are to PDF files):

Night Arbour by Ernst Fischer, because the photos are amazing. Creepy-looking otherworldly trees, perfect for Samhain.

And Los Enanitos Toreros by Livia Corona, because, well - it's about midget bullfighters! What more reason do you need? (OK, OK, I know there are lots of good reasons to object to bullfighting, but still...)

. . .

And on a totally different note, there's a nicely scathing article in today's Toronto Star on Stephen Harper's environmental record, or lack thereof.

Full article for those who don't want to register )

. . .

I'll post a real update one of these days, I promise.
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You need to see the top entries from an underwater photography competition. The good ones are mainly in categories 1 & 3 -- 2 & 4 are not so interesting. 5 is kind of cool, but I wish they didn't have all the videos play at the same time!

Those with an irrational fear of weird creatures that live deep in the ocean might want to take a pass, though. Me, I just wish they had larger versions of the images available.

And in semi-related news, Russians apparently want to know when their president feels that Cthulhu is going to rise.

(Found in [livejournal.com profile] deepseanews and [livejournal.com profile] necronomiphiles, respectively.)

On my own

Sep. 4th, 2005 04:21 am
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This is not the first time [livejournal.com profile] ladyjane and I have spent a weekend apart, but it's the first time that it's been due to her going somewhere rather than me going somewhere. [livejournal.com profile] optimystik's parents invited us out to a small hobby farm they recently bought as a retirement home, partly just to visit but partly to help with putting in a sizeable garden for next year, including spreading around a truckload of topsoil. I was included in the invitation, but ended up deciding I couldn't quite afford to take that much time away from working right now, plus my arthritis and general out-of-shapeness makes me less than useful for hard physical labour, so I'm staying home.

They don't actually leave until tomorrow morning, but they're out at DarkRave tonight, so it's kind of like they've already gone, even though I will probably see them both briefly tomorrow before they do leave. And just to make things even more disorienting, they want to take Kiska with them. Now, I am sure this will be excellent for her, since she doesn't get to run around in the country very often, and his parents have a dog of their own that she can play with. But it means I'm on my own this weekend in more senses than usual. No dog! Well, she's still here now, but she won't be from Sunday morning until Monday evening. I still have the cats, but it will be a considerably emptier apartment than I am used to. Hopefully this will let me get a sizeable amount of work done, but we'll see... Tonight, my concentration abilities have been pretty close to nonexistent, and I've spent more time sorting through and deleting old e-mails and rarely-listened to MP3s than doing actual work.

So, this is not a plea for friends to rescue me from solitary confinement -- for the most part, I need to stay home and work, because if I didn't I'd have gone with them. But I do intend to at least go out at one point this weekend: I'm modelling in the Posepod fashion show tomorrow night (tomorrow = Sunday; I'm writing this very late on Saturday night), for [livejournal.com profile] todiefordesigns. I've been in a few of her shows before, but this will be the first one where I wasn't with Ladyjane and/or Optimystik. I do know that at least a few people on my friends list will be there given that they're directly involved with the event, but I thought I should let the rest of you know about it and see if any of you (the local folks, anyway) want to go. It's free, which is always a plus; there will be lots of excellent eye candy; you'll be helping support local independent designers; and, well, it would just be nice to have more people I know there.

Details of the show )

So: who's coming?
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God Clarifies "Don't Kill" Rule: http://www.theonion.com/onion3734/god_clarifies_dont_kill.html

Only the Onion could get away with an entire issue satirizing the recent events in the US. Most of it is brilliant, but that article especially. Sample:

"Look, I don't know, maybe I haven't made myself completely clear, so for the record, here it is again," said the Lord, His divine face betraying visible emotion during a press conference near the site of the fallen Twin Towers. "Somehow, people keep coming up with the idea that I want them to kill their neighbor. Well, I don't. And to be honest, I'm really getting sick and tired of it. Get it straight. Not only do I not want anybody to kill anyone, but I specifically commanded you not to, in really simple terms that anybody ought to be able to understand."

"I tried to put it in the simplest possible terms for you people, so you'd get it straight, because I thought it was pretty important," said God, called Yahweh and Allah respectively in the Judaic and Muslim traditions. "I guess I figured I'd left no real room for confusion after putting it in a four-word sentence with one-syllable words, on the tablets I gave to Moses. How much more clear can I get?"

In other news: there is now a beautiful spider web between the juniper tree and the yellow rose bush in my front garden, with a big orange spider in it. I am not sure I've ever seen an orange spider before... It has yellow and black striped legs and a big round orange body with a V-shaped marking in darker orange. Some kind of orb-weaver, judging from the web. AND... just as I was coming home today, a fly flew into the web and I got to watch the spider skitter over and wrap the fly up with silk! It was so amazing!

Lots more going on, but will try to do another catching-up type post later.


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