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  1. Some dogs handle being tied up outside while you go into a store (or, in this case, the farmer's market) better than others.

  2. In particular, if it is a fairly nippy day, a long-haired dog of a northern breed (huskies and variants thereof, etc.) will probably be fine as long as they're not out there for too long, but a short-haired dog may be really unhappy about it.

  3. And temperament-wise, a mellow dog will just relax and enjoy the sunshine, while a high-strung/dependent dog will get incredibly agitated and bark and whine constantly until its humans come back. The latter should really not be left tied up outside if you can possibly help it. They will (a) be very unhappy, and (b) drive everyone else around them, canine and human, crazy.

  4. Similarly, a very young, energetic dog that can't hold still for more than 30 seconds is perhaps also not the best candidate for being tied outside for any length of time.

  5. There is more than one post/handle/railing/etc. that dogs can be tied to outside the Wychwood Barns farmers' market. Seriously. Look around.

  6. So, given all of the above, was it really fucking necessary to tie three other dogs, all of whom were varying degrees of short-haired, high-strung, unhappy, cold, over-energetic and constantly barking, to the same post Kiska was tied to, with all of them on short leashes so that they couldn't get away from each other?
FFS, people. By the time I got out there (and I wasn't even inside for very long), their leashes were tangled together into a near-impenetrable knot that took me probably longer to untangle than it had taken me to buy my veggies in the first place. I'm just thankful it hadn't yet degenerated into a full-on fight. Maybe you were thinking the dogs would enjoy each other's company and help keep each other warm. But it certainly didn't look like that was how it was working out.

On the bright side, I have rarely seen Kiska quite as happy as she was when I finally got her leash free so that she could get away from the other dogs...
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  1. To the cyclist riding directly ahead of me on Bay street:

    You are the reason everyone hates us )

  2. To the little old lady cyclist who turned onto Bay in front of me right after death-wish cyclist #1 turned off:

    I think YOUR life just flashed before my eyes )

  3. To more car drivers than I can count offhand:

    Stop it. STOP IT NOW. )

But hey, apart from all that, it was a lovely day for cycling. Rode downtown and back twice, the second time to go to Neutral and dance for about three hours. Did not make it to the gym, but I'm pretty sure I got my exercise anyway.

Today was more an upper-body and core muscles sort of day, in that it involved carrying little A halfway to Hillcrest Park (about 9-10 blocks from AA&N's place) and all the way back, because he was tired from walking a lot earlier in the day, and did not feel inclined toward any unnecessary walking.

A good time was had by all apart from that, though, and the boy got to try Vietnamese noodles for the first time, which he seemed to very much like (not pho, I figured that would have been a recipe for epic mess). He also determinedly tried to use the adult-sized, non-hinged chopsticks, being perhaps a touch overconfident from his mastery of the hinged kind Japanese restaurants give to kids. That did not work so well, and he ended up deciding to use two ceramic pho spoons at once instead, which worked -- well, not exactly perfectly, but better than you might think.

Also, his new favourite sport is pine cone tennis.
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Note to self: when exhausted and massively short on sleep due to a brutal work crunch may not be the best of all possible times to keep compulsively reading news coverage about the situation in Haiti. One's usual emotional shock-absorbers are not functioning at full capacity in that state, and everything hits even harder than it ordinarily would, and I am the not the sort of person who can read stuff like that and remain unaffected even at the best of times.

Interesting article in the Toronto Star Underlying racism infects crisis response: study.

Unfortunately, the study's findings pretty accurately describe the mentality of a lot of the commenters on news stories on the Star site and elsewhere, which make me want to set people on fire. More so than I usually do, that is. Maybe one of my new year's resolutions should be stop reading the comment sections on news sites. Nothing good ever comes of doing that. Even when I can bring myself to post comments challenging all the reactionary crap that gets posted there, it feels like trying to stem a tidal wave of shit with a paper fan or something.

. . .

But in the vein of trying to do something constructive about the situation instead of just whimper and rock myself, this is a reminder that I am auctioning off three custom-written stories via the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti community. One fairy-tale based, one mini-legend like the ones I've done in [livejournal.com profile] thousandcats, and one that's more or less anything goes.

Winning bidder on each one donates the amount of their bid to any recognized charity doing relief work in Haiti, and forwards a copy of the receipt. Only received one bid thus far (on the fairy tale), so I'm hoping to stir up a little more interest, so as to actually generate some useful amount of donations.

Note: if you do decide to bid, make sure you're clicking on the "Reply" link right under my comment with the offer, and not on the "Leave comment" link at the bottom of the comment thread, otherwise your bid will go in as a comment to the entire 3000-comment thread rather than coming to me specifically, and I'll never find it.

. . .

BTW, I'm finding the level of activity in that community to be really inspiring. There are hundreds and hundreds - maybe more like thousands - of things being auctioned, from books and stories to homemade cookies, souvenirs from all the different parts of the world that contributors to it live in (there's a lot of "A Box of [place name]" items that are basically collections of random stuff from the places in question - I was very tempted by the Box of Holland, which included stroopwafels among other things), graphic design and editing services, crocheted Cthulhus, PHP scripts and web hosting.

Yesterday, the moderator posted a request for people to translate the community FAQ & userinfo into other languages, and within just a few hours there were versions of it up in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Russian and Tagalog. A day later, that's been supplemented with Hebrew, Italian, Catalan, Welsh, Hungarian, Portuguese and Greek, and people are working on Korean and Chinese.

Note to self #2: more time perusing communities where people are coming together to do helpful and positive things, and less time looking at comments on news articles makes for a happier and more productive Lynx, with more faith in humanity.

. . .

In related news, I am delighted to report that I am still, for the moment, the top bidder for the crocheted dinosaur I want to get for Aidan.
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OK, still no promised catch-up post, but multiple posts in one day nonetheless. Because I just have to rant about this:

An otherwise relatively sane and reasonable (to my knowledge, anyway) acquaintance just sent me an e-mail forward, the least annoying aspect of which was that it was completely untrue and had already been debunked on Snopes.com. The most annoying? Well, I'll just link you to the Snopes page on it and let you do the math.

Herewith follows the response I would like to send to said person, but probably won't.

Cut for vitriol )
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Side streets. SideWALK. Not the same thing. )

. . .

Oh, and just to be even-handed about things:

Memo to: drivers )

Memo to: pedestrians )

. . .

Really, I like cycling. Also, walking. Just not some of the things I encounter when doing either of the above.
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The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the Incredible Shrinking Woman. Also, further evidence that the fashion/clothing industry is insane:

Amongst the latest batch of stuff of mine that I picked up from chez [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik was a tape measure. This morning, catching sight of it, it occurred to me that it had been a while since I last took my measurements. Also, that I have been finding my formerly best-fitting bra to be a little bit loose these days, and thus entertaining suspicions that I may have gone down a band size and/or cup size. Going down a cup size would actually be excellent news, in that it would make me a DD and thus back into the realm of being able to buy bras in normal stores.

So, I started measuring. First discovery was that yes, I am indeed smaller in all horizontal dimensions than last time I did this. The last measurements I can remember taking, a couple of years ago, were something like 44-34-47. That was after having lost some weight already.. Today's results: 42-32-42. I do believe this is the first time in my life that my bust and hip measurements have ever been the same. Also, it is no longer surprising to me that none of my pants fit any more, if I've lost two inches off my waist and five off my hips.

Next, the underbust measurement that is compared to the bust measurement to calculate bra size -- bearing in mind that just doing it on a chart is not always reliable, and that serious bra-fu is required if you want a really good fit. Anyway: 34".

So, I hit google and begin looking up bra size charts. The first one attempts to tell me that I am a 38D. This seems suspicious to me, so I experiment a bit and discover that D is the largest size it has - you could (theoretically) have a 20" difference between your bust and underbust measurements and it would still tell you you were a D. D is actually supposed to reflect a 4" difference. I have an 8" difference. Fail.

So I try another, from a site that I have heard before carries a wide range of sizes. That one lists an 8" difference as "FF". Never seen a double F before -- I was a 38F last I checked (having been sized by a bra-fu master at a store that sadly no longer exists). But cup sizes vary wildly between different countries: an F in European sizes (which rather sensible go through the alphabet in the normal fashion instead of randomly doubling letters) is an E in UK sizes, where they have double D and then go on to E, and a DDD in US sizes, although in my experience US DDD bras never actually fit me -- they seem to be designed on the assumption that anyone with large breasts is also large all over, probably due to the, er, peculiarities of the average American physique these days.

So I look over the rest of the chart, trying to make sense of this - to find that the version this site is using goes up to DDDD, which I have also seen, and then straight to FF without actually hitting E or F on the way. Who on earth thinks up these things? But it was when I compared their version of US sizing to the European sizing with which I am more familiar that the true WTF-ness of the situation began to sink in: DD = E, DDD = F, DDDD = G, FF = H!

H? H?! How is it even remotely possible that, having lost two inches from my bust since being sized as a 38 F, I am now two freaking cup sizes larger?! Although, according to this site's idea of band size, two band sizes smaller?

I check another site that deals with the full range of sizes for comparison, after an interval of trying a few more that either stop at DD or list any size larger than a certain cutoff as "etc." But it does indeed seem that an 8" difference between underbust and bust classes one as an H, though other sites say that a 34" underbust measurement is actually a band size of 38.

I measure again, a couple of times, trying to make sure that I haven't made some grievous error, and the first time get 42 again for the bust while the second time I get 41 (the underbust measurement stays the same both times). I guess it depends a bit on how you hold the tape measure. But even 41 would still put me as a G.

So I am apparently supposed to believe that while my bust measurement has gotten smaller, my cup size has gotten larger while my band size has stayed the same.

I think that instead I will choose to believe that bra sizing charts are fucking useless, and that I need to take [livejournal.com profile] foxesdaughter's recommendation of visiting her bra-fu master on the Danforth. Whenever I next have some disposable income, anyway...

P.S. Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] poisoninjest, I have found the perfect userpic for posts such as this...
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Teacher Lets Students Vote out Classmate, 5

A kindergarten teacher had all her students tell an autistic boy what they disliked about him and then vote as to whether or not he could stay in the class. Now he screams if his mother tried to bring him anywhere near the school.

Some people should not be allowed anywhere near children, much less allowed to teach them.

(Link lifted from [livejournal.com profile] gesigewigus)
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From Avaaz.org:
Right now, a major UN summit in Bali has just a few days left to hammer out an agreement on stopping catastrophic climate change. But instead of helping out, Canada is actually sabotaging the talks! On Saturday, experts gave us the global "fossil" award for being the worst country in the world on climate change.

There's still a few days left to save Canada's reputation -- and the climate -- but we need a massive democratic roar to remind our Prime Minister what Canada is all about, and stop him from blocking the world at Bali. Click below to sign the petition, which will be advertised with the number of signatures in an ad campaign across Canada this week. The goal is to get 25,000 people to sign in the next 3 days -- before the ads run. After you sign, please pass this URL on to everyone you know:


Prime Minister Harper's short-sighted, undemocratic and big oil-driven policy on climate change is damaging the world and destroying our image as a good country. We're supposed to be the nice guys, who try to do the right thing in the world.

The vast majority of Canadians are hopping mad on this issue -- we can win this. We just need to show Harper how serious we are that he change course. Sign up now and forward this message to everyone you know -- we've got just 3 days to hit 25,000 signatures!

Thanks for you help!

PS -- Here are links to some more info on this:

David Suzuki calls the government's spin on climate change "humiliating" and "ludicrous"

The former editor-in-chief of CBC news discusses the damage done by Canada's climate policy to our international reputation
I signed -- your turn now. And no, you don't have to live in Canada to sign it.

BTW, the song that came on while I was posting this is nicely appropriate... It's about being patriotic by means of being an activist and trying to keep your country from being stupid. :-)

And hey, I just noticed that in the e-mail invite text it says they're shooting for 25,000 signatures, but on the site it says they're now at 76,498 and shooting for 100,000. And the number is up by a few hundred since when I first hit the site about ten minutes ago. That's nice to see!
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Finally succumbed to temptation and after five minutes, I already hate the fucking thing.

First of all, ads that yell out loud at you should be illegal.

Second, whoever told me you could disable that stupid "wall" thing that lets anyone who wants to post spam on your page apparently lied, either that or it's a well-hidden feature.

Third, although it has a link to "add e-mails", all that lets you do is change your e-mail, not add a second one. So I can only have my business or personal e-mail on there but not both, and e-mail is how it keeps track of you, so either the people who've been trying to add me through my business address or through my personal one are SOL, because I can only be one of those two people, apparently.

Fourth, judging by the questions it hits you with as soon as you sign up, it appears to be primarily a glorified dating service, which I am so not interested in. I barely have time for the relationships I've already got. People claim you can use it for business networking, but if that's the case, why is the first thing you're supposed to fill in your relationship status, gender preference and what sort of relationship and/or cheap sex you're looking for?

Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, exactly what is the fucking point? Other than to collect a lot of marketing data, encourage people to spam their friends, and waste everyone's time?

Will probably just delete the stupid thing later today, unless I discover between now and then that there's actually any kind of constructive purpose to it.
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Two quotes from former first lady Barbara Bush:

On the refugees from Hurricane Katrina who have lost their homes, possessions and in many cases family members, and are staying in vastly overcrowded conditions in the Houston Astrodome: "...so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them."

She also expressed concern that many of them might want to stay in Texas, a prospect she found "scary".

On the war in Iraq: "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"
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I'm having an I-hate-the-human-race day.
  • Two people I know and like appear to have just had a massive falling-out with two other people I know and like. I've had that happen so often it's like deja vu every time. Inevitably I get caught in the middle, and it's never pretty.
  • The other night I had to drop everything I was doing, late at night, to go and talk to a friend who seemed to be very depressed. But when I got there, all she seemed to want to do was chat and watch TV, which I attributed to her roommate being around. But when said roommate finally went to bed, and I thought we could finally get started talking about what was troubling her, she still didn't want to, and said that she'd really just wanted someone to hang out with because she doesn't get enough human contact.
    This from someone who has systematically turned her back on every person she's ever been close to because they all seem to have pissed her off or disappointed her in some way. She can come up with convincing-sounding reasons in each individual case, but the ultimate result is that she hates virtually everyone she's ever met. I keep wondering when my turn's coming.
  • Tonight I went to the launch party for the new issue of Inq Magazine, a vaguely new-age-ish magazine I write for which has a mostly gay and lesbian staff. At one point I found myself at a table with two other women and one man, where the conversation turned to destructive relationship patterns. One woman said that she used to have a pattern of dating bisexuals, but that she was "working on her issues" now and it wouldn't happen again. As I was trying to figure out why she'd said this in the tone most people would reserve for talking about dating axe-murderers, the others nodded in sympathy and the guy said with a shudder "Oh, I know, I used to do the same thing."
    I was left in really uncomfortable position as I tried to decide whether or not to tell them I wasn't strictly lesbian. Eventually I did, and got about a minute and a half of defensive explanations before they all scattered with assorted excuses and left me at the table by myself. I stayed there for little while wondering if anyone else might come over and talk to me but it quickly became evident that wasn't going to happen and that I'd just become a social pariah.
    So much for enlightened progressive spiritual types. Not sure why I even bother.

Postscript: after posting the above, I think I ought to mention that at least one person at Inq, who I may be dragging out to Savage tomorrow, is quite nice and bi-positive. Just so you don't all meet him and think "Hmm, are you one of the ones that hates bisexuals?"...


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