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It's that time, folks - four weeks since the last one, rather than two, this time.

The entries for the latest challenge in the Last Author Standing contest, Original Fiction version ([livejournal.com profile] originalfic_las) can be found here, along with the voting post (I have belatedly realized that linking to the day in the community's archives gives you handy access to both posts in one place).

We are down to only six(!) entries now, which means, if I understand it all correctly, that after this one we will be in the final stretch where no one is allowed to use "skips" any more (basically, free passes that you get for various reasons that allow you to skip a challenge without being disqualified). I'm kind of pleased to have made it this far, considering that we started out with 52 entries in the first challenge. Though of course I am hoping to make it yet further... I guess we'll see.

Anyway: as before, voting is open to anyone with an LJ account, and no, I can't tell you which is mine (and would have preferred not to even if it was allowed, as I'd rather know that if I get votes, it's because people genuinely liked what I wrote, and not just out of loyalty). So: go read, go vote!

. . .

In other news, I have been in a huge work crunch for the past week or so, getting very little sleep - I am actually going to be going to bed shortly after posting this, and that will be the earliest night I've had in probably 9 or 10 days. And yes, it's 3:15 am. These days, getting to bed before the sun comes up feels like luxury.

Also, I would really appreciate it if my DSL connection would stop flaking out on me. All day today, it's been up and down like a yo-yo. Very annoying. Right at the moment it is down, but if you see this post timestamped tonight, you'll know it came up before I went to bed. If tomorrow, then apparently it didn't.

. . .

Also, random question: would anyone happen to know of any children's books with steampunk elements to them? By "children's" I don't mean "young adult" books written for teenagers, but books aimed at kids whose ages are still a single digit, and not necessarily a high one. The Lynxcub picked up a library book I had out recently which while geared toward adults, had a few illustrations sprinkled through it, and started asking me lots of questions about the pictures - in particular, about airships.

I did try just googling "steampunk children's books", but most of what I found was YA or at least geared toward considerably older kids than him. That said, he does sometimes like hearing stories that are meant for at least a somewhat older age range - I was able to read Alice in Wonderland to him - but there are limits. Among them, he still requires there to be interesting pictures in order for a book to hold his attention (preferably, at least one per double-page spread, otherwise he may get antsy and start trying to turn the page while I'm still reading).

So... any steampunk-ish books out there for younger kids?
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[livejournal.com profile] kettunainen already posted this one on Facebook, but it's definitely worth repeating:

"I could use special diseases that are in poo to get rid of the government."

She adds that they had been talking about landfills, with no mention of either of poo or the government before he said that.

When I told [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech about that one, she immediately asked where one could donate funding to that project. :-)
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Shouted out gleefully at random while we were walking on a busy sidewalk: "When I take a bath, I don't wash my penis at all!"

Seriously, I have no idea what inspired him to say that - we were not talking about baths, or penises.

. . .

Later, in a conversation which did in fact in some way involve the topic of poo:

The Lynxcub: "I'm talking about actual poo, the kind that comes out of your butt!"

Me (confused): "Er... what other kind is there?"

Him (obviously delighted to know something I don't): "Actually, there is another kind. It's called well poo."

Me (even more confused): "Well poo? What's that?"

Him: "It's what Mama says when she can't find something she's looking for."
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Seriously, how many three-year-olds want to know about the atmosphere of Jupiter? )

And when gleefully typing random characters on my computer keyboard:

"I'm writing in a language a cell can't read!"

(reference to this video, where they describe DNA in terms of information being written in a language cells can read)
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Of late, the Lynxcub has been completely obsessed with the DVD Here Comes Science, by They Might Be Giants. For those who don't know, TMBG have released a number of kids' CDs and DVDs, in addition to their usual quirky rock offerings. I'd originally introduce him to their stuff via their YouTube channel, but [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik ended up getting him that one on DVD, and he is so in love with it that he has insisted on bringing it along with him on several visits, and on the times he's forgotten to do that, insists on seeing most of the videos from it on YouTube.

He also likes many of the ones from Here Come the ABCs and Here Come the 123s, but it seems to be the science one that's really captured his heart, despite the fact that unlike the others, I'm pretty sure it's intended for considerably older kids than him. But then again, as anyone who's met him (or even reads my LJ regularly) knows, the Lynxcub is not your average three-and-a-half-year-old. It's really pretty awesome to hear him exclaim with delight "Oh look, it's the periodic table!", or draw squiggles on paper and insist that they're DNA. He has also solemnly informed me that he thinks Pluto is a planet, no matter what anyone else says.

And it was the same video that tackled the is-Pluto-a-planet question that led to the following conversation:

Lynxcub: I think I'm going to knock all those rocks in the asteroid belt out of the sky.

Me: Really? Why?

Lynxcub: I'm going to make them into a chew toy.

Me: (brief pause as I attempt to process that statement) Um... That's going to be a very large chew toy.

Lynxcub: (dismissively) That's OK, I'm going to use a machine.

Me: So, uh, who is that chew toy going to be for?

Lynxcub: I'm going to find someone who has a dog who doesn't have a chew toy.

Me: A very, very big dog?

Lynxcub: Yes. With big, sharp teeth!

. . .

I am actually very pleased with his TMBG-fanboy-ness. Their kids' songs and videos are pretty cool - a lot of the videos, especially, have really interesting artwork and animation (I think this is my personal favourite, though I have to warn you the song is an irresistible earworm - it will go through your head for weeks!). Especially in contrast to how stupid and/or annoying most kids' entertainment these days is... I would far, far rather have him watch TMBG geeking out over photosynthesis or paleontology than Spongebob Squarepants or something like that...

I really need to get that DVD - and their other kid's ones, for that matter. There really should be a "one of everything, please" bundle available. Also: this shirt, which is perfect for him since that's one of his favourite songs from that collection, and red is his favourite colour! The first time I looked at the site, I was disappointed because I thought they only had that one in adult sizes, but then I discovered that the kids' version was listed separately further down in the section. Oddly, it doesn't appear in their separate kids' store, but at least now I know I can get it in his size! (ETA: or not. Just noticed the sizes listed are YM, YL and S. I'm guessing the first two mean something along the lines of Youth Medium and Youth Large, but I don't know if the S is meant to be a Youth Small and just lost its Y*, or if it's an adult small. Or if any of these sizes are anywhere near the size 4 that he normally wears.)

. . .

And elsewhere in the world of entertaining Lynxcub moments, later in the same visit, when he was playing in the living room and I had my back turned making him a snack, I heard him say "I need to do this by myself."

Turning around, I asked what it was he need to do, and he replied "This art!" I looked at what he was doing and saw that he had gotten my blush compact out of my purse, and was carefully brushing blush onto the chest of drawers in front of him, with a look of great concentration, as though he was certain that he was creating a masterpiece.

Without looking up, he added in a tone of unmistakable satisfaction "When I'm done, there's going to be scraps of my art everywhere!"

Artistic as well as scientific - that's my boy!

. . .

* Presumably, the missing Y is in the Alphabet Lost & Found.
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Somehow or other, the topic of 911 (the emergency phone number) had come up in conversation, and it occurred to me that this was something the Lynxcub should learn. A while back there was some news story about a kid his age or younger who'd saved his mom's life by calling 911 when she had an accident or something, so I thought maybe we should talk about it. But the conversation did not go exactly as planned (seriously, do conversations with three-year-olds ever?)

Me: That's the number you should call on the phone if there's ever an emergency - if you're alone with me or mama or daddy and we have an accident or something and get hurt. You would just press nine, and then one, and then one again, on the phone --

Lynxcub (dismissively): If you were hurt, I'd just make you better!

Me: Well, if you couldn't, or if there was a fire or something --

Lynxcub: I'd put it out with the fire extinguisher!

Me: That's a good thing to know how to do too, but if it was a big fire, or you couldn't work the fire extinguisher --

Lynxcub: Then I would get a big ladder, and climb up it with a hand saw, and cut a hole in the ceiling to let the rain in, and that would put out the fire.

Me (somewhat exasperated): OK, I can see you've got everything under control, but if you needed some firefighters or paramedics to help you handle an emergency, then it would be good to know how to call that number!

Lynxcub (patient and long-suffering tone): I already know that number.
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One small but awesome present I got for Giftmas, from [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech, was a set of 6-sided dice called Story Cubes, with pictures on them that you can use for various storytelling games. They were the source of much entertainment on an evening out we had with [livejournal.com profile] curgoth, [livejournal.com profile] mycrazyhair and several other friends. The idea was, according to the box, to divide the dice among all present and have one person start with "Once upon a time..." and the roll their dice for inspiration, and then continue around the table with each person adding to the story. But given that we were all somewhat under the influence of many and various interesting varieties of beer at the time, the story instead started with "No shit — there I was!" and the each-with-their-own-dice thing quickly degenerated into first grabbing dice from other people, and then eventually keeping all the dice in a big pile in the middle with people taking as many as they felt like using when their turn came. As you might expect both from the alcohol factor and the excellent company, things quickly became very surreal, and a certain point I felt compelled to start taking notes on my phone of some of the more... interesting things that were said.

Cosmic turtles, electromagnetic shoes, and a phone call from God )

Of course, the Lynxcub is also an enduring source of extreme creativity. So as the childhood sequel to the adult madness above, here is a conversation I recently had with him:

The Pirates of Prince Edward County )
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I had a wonderful time at the Kensington Market solstice festival, masked as a wolf, but despite wearing wool and layers and all that, got cold enough to have to bow out before the parade had quite reached its destination. Still, an excellent night, and a perfect example of everything I love about Toronto.

In no particular order, highlights (including from before and after the event itself) included oatmeal coffee stout, an anglerfish lantern, Native drummers, marching bands, old friends, new friends, puppet shows, howling at the moon with my similarly masked companions, Mexican food, mummers, fire, dancing and giant animal puppets.

And perhaps especially, encountering [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen, [livejournal.com profile] optimystik and the kids and getting to carry the Lynxcub around on my shoulders for a while and show him some of the awesomeness. I had been thinking that while last night's visit was great, I kind of wished I was the one taking him to the parade tonight, and as it turned out I did get to spend some time with him there, so all was good.

And now, there are about a thousand forms of work I should theoretically be doing, but I think it is time for bed.

Happy Yule, everyone! And now, sleep.
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The Lynxcub's new favourite word is "hilarious". He used it about six times today. As in "I think shooting Lego pieces across the room is hilarious!" (as I was trying to fish one out from under the fridge).

Also, ever since I convinced him to let me wash his hair in the bath last time he was here by telling him that the shampoo and conditioner I was using ("Silky Selkie" from the Faery's Tub) was made by faeries for selkies to use on their fur, he wants selkie stories. A lot of selkie stories. I need to learn more of them, preferably some that don't involve anyone dying.

And when I dropped him off today, we had the following adorable/maddening conversation:

Me: OK, I have to go now, honey. Give me a hug and kiss?
Him: But I want you to stay here for ever and ever!
Me: I wish I didn't have to go too, but I need to.
Him: I won't let you! I'll lock you in!
Me: That's sweet, but I do have work to do... Come on, give me a goodbye hug?
Him (trying to wriggle out of my arms): I want a fire truck just like Saoirse's. It's a Plan Toys firetruck! It has...
Me: I think you're trying to distract me. Sweetie, you know I have to leave whether or not you give me a hug and kiss goodbye, right?
Him: No, actually, I don't know that! (He has in fact been told that many, many, many times, but still seems to be firmly of the opinion that if he can just avoid giving me a goodbye hug or kiss, I won't be able to actually leave.)
[livejournal.com profile] kettunainen: Well, you just learned it.
Him: No, I didn't!

I'm happy that he loves me enough that he doesn't want me to leave, but it does make partings a little stressful... :-/

. . .

In other kid-related news, I am co-leading the Yule Family Circle at the WCC next Sunday (the Family Circles are special kid-friendly rituals that take place on the Sunday nearest each sabbat, before the regular sabbat ritual). For anyone pagan-inclined who has kids and wants to bring them, it's at 3:00 at the Temple (upstairs from the Occult Shop, on Vaughan Road). Bring kid-friendly food to share, as there's a pot-luck feast afterwards.
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I appear to be breaking new ground in storytelling, as the Lynxcub increasingly likes me making up stories for him rather than just reading to him. Really, it's one long story in multiple installments - currently a Goldilocks/Batman/Lego/Thomas the Tank Engine/And Tango Makes Three crossover, plus pirates and dragons. No Daleks yet, but I'm sure they can't be far off...

For one of last night's installments, he wanted me to tell him a story involving all 16 Lego minifigures shown on the sheet that came with the little circus ringmaster minifig that Dianne got him. Plus Tango (the little girl penguin with two daddies, from And Tango Makes Three, one of his favourite books*). So I had Tango take a day-long outing from the zoo, in which she danced with a mariachi band, performed with a mime, met an archaeologist at the museum, etc.

Earlier that night, Goldilocks and Little Bear took a trip to the city, and encountered a subway delay due to unexpectedly melted tracks, and ended up having to rescue a trapped dragon from inside the tunnels. with the help of Thomas and friends. It ended with a big party in Christie Pits, where people barbecued food on the dragon's breath in between taking shifts at replanting all the grass and trees they'd had to dig up to free the dragon from the subway. The plants all grew back especially well because of the dragon energy that was in the ground after that, and every year on that day the TTC workers and neighbourhood residents had a Dragon Day picnic to commemorate the event.

I have no idea how I come up with this stuff, BTW. He just says what he wants to hear about (sometimes as simple as "so what happened with Goldillocks and Batman?" or "Tell me a story about a Lego crane!"), and I start talking, and it just comes out...

* Also, one of the most-banned books in the US in recent history. I'm so glad he likes it.

Home again

Nov. 29th, 2010 02:38 am
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Back in town, and slept about 12 hours last night, due to spending the previous night on the Megabus (with no wi-fi!), and the night before in less-than-ideal sleeping arrangements. Finished my Deliria game yesterday despite massive sleep deprivation, and spent this afternoon with the Lynxcub.

Will try to write more about the US trip soon, but in the meantime, I present the following highlight from today's Cub time:

I had gotten him a couple of presents while in the US — Harold and the Purple Crayon and a little Lego car kit, which he had great fun with. He seemed especially enchanted with the little minifigure it came with, and at one point, he had it talking to the little Lego person he'd previously made out of the regular bricks in the basic Lego set he started with:

Minifigure: Would you like to drive my car?

Brick person: I can't — I don't have any hands.

Minifigure: Oh, that's OK! I'll drive for you,

Brick person: Thank you for driving! I'm so glad you have hands!

I just about fell over laughing... Yes, the boy's imagination is developing wonderfully.
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More evidence of budding Doctor Who geekery in the boy:

While building something with Lego, he told me: "I'm building a Dalek prison place. This opening is for them to get groceries through, so that they don't take over the world while they're out getting groceries."

As I was trying not to die of laughter, he paused thoughtfully, and added "Daleks are pretty cute, but they aren't very friendly."

. . .

Shortly afterward, he decided that it was actually a Dalek house, rather than a prison: "But only for the good Daleks."

"The ones that don't try to take over the world?"

"That's right. The Doctor built it for them. He's not the kind of doctor who makes sick people better, he's the kind that finds good Daleks nice places to live."

. . .

Later on, he was playing with a bunch of little plastic animals, and announced that they were sick with "a really bad, go-to-the-doctor flu".

"So they have to go an see a veterinarian?"

"Yes! But the girl veterinarian isn't very good at it yet. The father veterinarian is better."

(Trying to process this:) "Uh... so there's a father and daughter veterinarian, but the daughter's still learning and isn't a very good vet yet?"

"That's right. She isn't very good at it yet, because she's still young. But she sometimes fights off bad chemicals. And Daleks."
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Had an overnight visit from the Lynxcub Friday night, which was very nice despite Rosalind's usual insistence on expressing her affection for us by walking all around the bed and all over us while purring loudly, so that I had to spend much of the night fending her off from stepping on the Cub (since she's large enough to be disruptive even when she walks on me, and he's much smaller than I am). But this time she only kept it up for around... two hours or so? Seriously, that's actually an improvement.

Earlier, while trying (for quite some while) to get him settled down to bed, he at one point protested "I can't go to sleep! I'm too interested in playing with Lego!" and then a bit later "I'm too interested to go to sleep!" (I should perhaps mention that he has Lego here, but not at home, since he has a baby brother there who is of an age to put everything in his mouth, and that does not go well with having small plastic bricks all over the place.)

Best part: waking up (too early) Saturday morning to the Cub sitting on the bed next to me saying cheerfully "Wake up, it's morning!" And as soon as I'd managed to get up into a sitting position, he flung his arms around me and said with great enthusiasm "I love you so much!!" Sweetest morning greeting ever!

And then immediately afterward, as if it followed completely logically from that: "I want to make lots and lots of things with Lego! I want to make too much Lego!" I sense an obsession developing on that front...

I think I already posted that, a few weeks ago, I got him his first Lego set, and since then he has been completely infatuated with all things Lego. A lot of the Lego play thus far is actually him asking me to make things for him, but he does make some (usually odd-looking) things himself, and also likes playing with all the things I make (see the carnivorous horse story).

Latest construction: a Lego Dalek! The Cub has been developing a certain level of interest in Doctor Who, though he's never actually seen a full episode, just a bunch of short clips. It all started with him liking to play with my TARDIS USB hub, and then he wanted to see a video of the TARDIS at one point, and it just sort of progressed from there. But yes... Lego Dalek! It's not super-realistic, given that (a) we only have a basic Lego starter set thus far, and (b) about 80% of the pieces were already tied up in a couple of small buildings, a tea set and a bunch of scary carnivourous farm animals (the Cub has not yet reconciled himself to the idea that Lego creations eventually have to be taken apart if you want to keep making new stuff), so I was working with a very limited set of leftover bricks. But I think it's at least recognizable, and he seemed to be happy with it.

Pictures )
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Even when the Lynxcub is upset and/or angry, he's freakishly cute, although sometimes in a slightly disturbing way. Some things he has said lately when Not Happy:

Over the course of a prolonged struggle to get him into his winter coat:
"I don't like my winter coat any more! I want to break it! I want to break it and throw it away! I want to throw it in the street and make it dirty! I want to throw it up on top of this building!"

Partly out of curiosity and partly to distract him, I asked how he would do that:

"I would get a big long rope with a hook on the end and throw it all the way up there until the rope was tight and then put it at the very top!"

And later, when having to put on said coat again, to go home after the visit:

"I want to break it into little pieces and throw the threads at cars!"

On a similar note, when trying to get him re-dressed after he had insisted on taking off most of his clothes:
"I don't like my jeans! I don't like my old jeans or my new jeans! They're too uncomfortable!"

I asked if he had any pants he did like:

"No! I don't like any pants at all! I want to break all my pants! I want to break my pants and my shirt and my socks and my boots and my coat and my hoodie! I want to break all my clothes!"

When asked how he felt at times when a grownup had yelled at him for something he didn't do (this was in the context of me trying to impress upon him why he shouldn't yell at Kiska when she hadn't done anything wrong):
"I would push the grownup down and cut the grownup into little pieces and eat the grownup!"

. . .

And, in less angry forms of cuteness, he was looking in the cupboard where I put Lego stuff we've made to keep it safe between his visits, and asked why I'd put the duck up on top of the farmhouse. I told him that ducks are birds and maybe it flew up there. He gave me A Look, and said, very patiently, as though explaining things to a slow learner, "Lego can't fly!"
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Had a nice visit from [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech. Our 40s film noir costumes for the Halloween party we went to came together pretty well, though the concept we were going for didn't seem to be that apparent to most people - a lot of people thought she was supposed to be a gangster rather than a detective. I think the Bogart-ishness was more apparent when she had a beige trenchcoat on over the suit, on the way to the party, but you can't really keep something like that on indoors without overheating.

With my costume, I did learn a few things: Film noir femme fatale costuming notes )

However, a good time was had by all nonetheless. Also, we saw Cthulhu on the St. Clair streetcar.

Oh, also - [livejournal.com profile] mycrazyhair, I have your earrings in a safe place and will return them to next time I see you. Thanks so much for lending them to me!

In other Halloween-related news, the Lynxcub seems to like his tiger costume, but refuses to actually wear it. He'll play with it, cuddle it, carry it around like a security blanket or lay it on the floor like a tiger-skin rug and sit on it, but I could not get him to actually put it on when I took him to the Samhain Family Circle. However, tigers still seemed to be the theme of the day, as he insisted on me making him a tiger ghost and a tiger jack-o-lantern during the crafty parts of the event. I really should have gotten a photo of the tiger jack-o-lantern... It ended up at [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik's place - I don't suppose you guys got a chance to take a picture?

Speaking of the Cub, it's been a while since I posted a Cuteness Report, not because he has in any way ceased to be cute, but because I've been freakishly busy for most of this fall. But yesterday's visit featured a couple of things that just have to be recorded for posterity: Two hilaristurbing conversations )
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  1. So, I voted, despite not really liking any of the candidates all that much. But sometimes the chance to vote against somebody outstandingly awful can be as strong a motivator and the chance to vote for someone you actually like. I suppose I should count myself lucky that at least my ward has a city councillor that I actually do like.

    25 minutes until the polls close and they start counting the votes. I am very apprehensive about this, and would prefer to get whatever news there may be in the company of friends so that we can either celebrate or console ourselves, whichever the case may be, with alcohol. There were rumours of some form of gathering growing out of the Cookies For Voting group on Facebook, but nothing seems to have materialized. Oh well.

  2. Got a dress for my Halloween costume (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] 50_ft_queenie for accompanying me on the search). May I say, 40s dresses are feats of engineering, and seem to be designed to work well for my particular sort of body, but I would really like to find some control top seamed stockings. Do such things actually exist?

  3. Still need to find or make some kind of hat/hair ornament thing. The guy in the store where I found the dress recommended some little hair-comb type thing with black feathers on it and maybe a little veil. I think I could probably manage that with some fabric scraps and what not, and a glue gun. But I need to find a comb base and some feathers. I tried a few beading stores, since they often have stuff like that, but the ones I checked didn't. Arton I think does, but they were just closing when I got there. :-(

    I may try and prepare myself tomorrow to go to the one bead store in my area. It requires advance preparation because the owner is allergic to everything, so you are not allowed in if you have used pretty much any sort of personal-care product any time in recent memory. So in order to go there, I will have to forgo not only BPAL, but hair conditioner and gel, hand cream, etc. and hope that my unscented deodorant doesn't set off any alarms (because there are some sacrifices I'm just not prepared to make).

  4. Saw an absolute adorable kids' tiger costume that looked like it might fit the Lynxcub, but when last I saw him, he was very adamant that he didn't want to dress up as anything for Halloween, so I didn't know if I should risk buying it if he might not want to actually wear it. Also, not 100% sure it would have fit. Maybe I'll ask him again about the costume thing when I see him tomorrow, and if he does seem to be in favour of it now, we could always go down to Kensington and see if it's still there.

  5. "Spare Change", my story for the first challenge of the LAS competition did not get any votes - not for best, not for worst. Will have to try and do better this time.

    There were a few really good ones in this round - notably Ophidia, which got my vote for best, and Diminuendo, which would have if that hadn't. If you didn't read any of the others, I recommend at least checking out those two stories.

    The second challenge comes with a really interesting prompt: "If you are going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill. I can think of a lot of interesting directions to take that one in, though one is currently standing out more strongly in my mind than others. No hints, as if I do end up writing that one, I'm not allowed to give any indication which story is mine, so as not to bias the voting. But it will be interesting to see what all the various writers do with this one...
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Spent pretty much all day with the Lynxcub today - picked him up at 1:30, stopped by Bavia Arts, a Brazilian drumming/dance centre in the neighbourhood that was having an open house today, then off to the WCC's family circle for the equinox, then back here for an overnight stay (after a brief stop chez [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik to pick up the cub's pajamas. He'll be staying over tomorrow night as well, because their apartment building is being sprayed tomorrow, so this is quite the intensive visit.

Most entertaining conversation: at the streetcar stop, he spontaneously asked me, with an impish smile, "Do cats eat bats?" which is a quote from Alice in Wonderland, which I've been reading to him lately. Then he asked me if bats ate people, and I assured him that people were much bigger than bats as a general rule, so we didn't have to worry about being eaten by them. I told him most bats ate bugs, like mosquitoes, but there were fruit bats that ate fruit and flowers, and vampire bats that did sometimes bite people, but didn't eat them - they just drank a little bit of blood, like a mosquito would. And assured him that the bats we have here are not the vampire sort.

He asked why bats ate mosquitoes, and I told him that a mosquito was a tasty snack for a bat, because the blood they drank from people made them all fat and juicy, and while a mosquito wouldn't taste good to a human, to a bat it would be yummy because they have different tastes.

He thought about that for a while, and then said decisively: "I think I like strawberries better."

Then he asked me why I had several stuffed toy bats (three small, one large), and I told him I'd seen them at Ikea and thought they were cute, which is pretty much the case. I think this may have been followed by a few other bat-related questions. Then he said, thoughtfully:

"There's a subway station in my house, because I like to take the subway. And I have some real bats there, and real cats too, there, but the cats don't eat the bats and the bats don't eat the cats. And I have some mosquitoes with the wings taken off, so they're easy for the bats to eat. And I have a kite, which is all sparkly and shiny, and I fly it in the subway station for my bats to bat at like a cat toy while they're flying!"

. . .

BTW, on the topic of Kettu and Optimystik's apartment getting sprayed, if anyone's available tomorrow evening to help them move everything back into place, that would be awesome. For anyone who's never gone through it, you have to move all your furniture away from the walls and pile everything into the middle of the room, which in many cases means having to take down Ikea shelves and that sort of thing. Not fun. They had a couple of helpers today, but haven't got anyone lined up for tomorrow, and putting everything back is going to be a pretty monumental task - which is pretty much going to all fall on Optimystik's shoulders, because Kettu's got to take care of the baby. So if anyone's available to help them, please do - I can't, because I'll be looking after the Lynxcub here.
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So apparently in the Central Park Zoo today, a tiger was injured when hit by a truck. But thankfully, his injuries were not too severe, because the truck had a stuffed monkey with a banana in its hands mounted on the front, which cushioned the impact and allowed the tiger to cling onto it instead of being run over.

However, he was still rather bruised, so another tiger borrowed an SUV to take him to the animal hospital, the original (human) driver of the SUV having come to the zoo to visit Tango (of And Tango Makes Three fame), because Tango needed a friend (although the tigers were apparently also Tango's friends).

So the unhurt (or "not-hurt") tiger drove the injured one to the animal hospital, where the doctors were able to put Band-aids on his bruises so that he was all better, after which his friend drove him back to the zoo again.

. . .

Or so the Lynxcub informed me, anyway, by way of explaining why it was so important that he keep playing with a tiny toy SUV (given to him the proprietor of our local Indian restaurant) when it was time to leave, instead of putting his boots on.
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I took the Lynxcub to visit my father and stepmother earlier today - he always likes going to see them and apparently was announcing the impending visit over and over before I picked him up, to [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik and even random strangers on the subway.

A good time was had by all, but particularly noteworthy were an entertaining incident I've put behind a cut below, and a tale he spun while we waited for the Ossington bus on the way back. The following is condensed from a long and rambling conversation:

Apparently, he plans to "break the road" (as in the little roadway where the buses pull in to Ossington subway station) so that he can build a house there. A big, tall house, with a bear painted on it (we had earlier seen a bear mural on the wall of a building the subway passed while it was above ground), in which the Three Bears would live. But it had to be a very special, strong house, so that Goldilocks wouldn't knock it down, because if any of the walls were delicate (yes, his word), she would kick them down.

I think it was at this point that I asked if Goldilocks had superpowers, and he looked thoughtful for a moment and then replied "yes!" enthusiastically, in a because-that-explains-EVERYTHING tone of voice.

However, Goldilocks is apparently not entirely hostile to the bears, because she's also going to stomp a big hole in the road next to the house for them, so that they can build a garage. In the garage, the bears will keep snow shovels, and also garden tweezers, which he attempted to demonstrate by stretching out his arms with his hands curved in slightly, and moving them in a scissor-like motion, like his entire arms were a huge pair of tweezers. The purpose of these, he solemnly informed me, was to tweeze the plants.

But when he recounted it late to Kettu, he said they were snow tweezers instead. For tweezing snow, one must suppose.

He also assured me that we didn't have to worry about Goldilocks coming along and breaking the bench we were sitting on, because he had built it especially strongly out of bricks and wood.

I strongly suspect he was mixing up the Three Bears story with the Three Little Pigs, and thus casting Goldilocks in the role of the big bad wolf. I kept waiting to hear that she was going to huff and puff and blow their house down, but apparently she's all about the kicking and stomping and breaking stuff.

And one to tell his dates about later on - NSFW )
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I do intend to eventually write about last week's various events, particularly the trip up north and the discovery of a magic rowan tree on the Toronto islands, but as I lack the brain power for that right at the moment, instead, I present you with the latest installment of the Lynxcub Cuteness Report.

Best one-liner of recent weeks:
On hearing a father and son speaking to each other in Italian (I think) at the playground, he said in a tone of hushed reverence "They're speaking language!"

Most surreal exchange:
Lynxcub: "If I had some bad chemicals, I would take them to the dentist."

Me: "What would the dentist do with them?"

Lynxcub: (doesn't respond, just gives me a Look)

Me: "Ah... Should I have asked, what are you going to do to the dentist with the bad chemicals?"

Lynxcub: "I'm going to spray them on the dentist!"

Me: "What will that do?"

Lynxcub: (patiently, as if the answer should be obvious to any reasonable person) "It'll make the dentist vibrate!"

If I didn't know better, I'd think the Cub was on some bad chemicals himself...

Most entertainingly adult-like moment:
I was trying to steer him out of the bathroom, since I don't like him to stay in there any longer than it takes to pee, wash his hands, etc. -- too many things for him to get into in there.

Me: "Why don't we go back into the living room?"

Lynxcub: "Not now -- I have to check myself out in the mirror!"

He proceeded to pick up my little hand mirror and, indeed, look over his face very carefully, turning from side to side the way someone might if checking their makeup or making sure they'd shaved properly. Except that what he was apparently checking out was the strip of Scotch tape he had stuck to his nose.

Most detailed flight of fancy:
Cut for length )


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