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I had a wonderful time at the Kensington Market solstice festival, masked as a wolf, but despite wearing wool and layers and all that, got cold enough to have to bow out before the parade had quite reached its destination. Still, an excellent night, and a perfect example of everything I love about Toronto.

In no particular order, highlights (including from before and after the event itself) included oatmeal coffee stout, an anglerfish lantern, Native drummers, marching bands, old friends, new friends, puppet shows, howling at the moon with my similarly masked companions, Mexican food, mummers, fire, dancing and giant animal puppets.

And perhaps especially, encountering [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen, [livejournal.com profile] optimystik and the kids and getting to carry the Lynxcub around on my shoulders for a while and show him some of the awesomeness. I had been thinking that while last night's visit was great, I kind of wished I was the one taking him to the parade tonight, and as it turned out I did get to spend some time with him there, so all was good.

And now, there are about a thousand forms of work I should theoretically be doing, but I think it is time for bed.

Happy Yule, everyone! And now, sleep.
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Had a nice visit from [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech. Our 40s film noir costumes for the Halloween party we went to came together pretty well, though the concept we were going for didn't seem to be that apparent to most people - a lot of people thought she was supposed to be a gangster rather than a detective. I think the Bogart-ishness was more apparent when she had a beige trenchcoat on over the suit, on the way to the party, but you can't really keep something like that on indoors without overheating.

With my costume, I did learn a few things: Film noir femme fatale costuming notes )

However, a good time was had by all nonetheless. Also, we saw Cthulhu on the St. Clair streetcar.

Oh, also - [livejournal.com profile] mycrazyhair, I have your earrings in a safe place and will return them to next time I see you. Thanks so much for lending them to me!

In other Halloween-related news, the Lynxcub seems to like his tiger costume, but refuses to actually wear it. He'll play with it, cuddle it, carry it around like a security blanket or lay it on the floor like a tiger-skin rug and sit on it, but I could not get him to actually put it on when I took him to the Samhain Family Circle. However, tigers still seemed to be the theme of the day, as he insisted on me making him a tiger ghost and a tiger jack-o-lantern during the crafty parts of the event. I really should have gotten a photo of the tiger jack-o-lantern... It ended up at [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik's place - I don't suppose you guys got a chance to take a picture?

Speaking of the Cub, it's been a while since I posted a Cuteness Report, not because he has in any way ceased to be cute, but because I've been freakishly busy for most of this fall. But yesterday's visit featured a couple of things that just have to be recorded for posterity: Two hilaristurbing conversations )
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  1. So, I voted, despite not really liking any of the candidates all that much. But sometimes the chance to vote against somebody outstandingly awful can be as strong a motivator and the chance to vote for someone you actually like. I suppose I should count myself lucky that at least my ward has a city councillor that I actually do like.

    25 minutes until the polls close and they start counting the votes. I am very apprehensive about this, and would prefer to get whatever news there may be in the company of friends so that we can either celebrate or console ourselves, whichever the case may be, with alcohol. There were rumours of some form of gathering growing out of the Cookies For Voting group on Facebook, but nothing seems to have materialized. Oh well.

  2. Got a dress for my Halloween costume (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] 50_ft_queenie for accompanying me on the search). May I say, 40s dresses are feats of engineering, and seem to be designed to work well for my particular sort of body, but I would really like to find some control top seamed stockings. Do such things actually exist?

  3. Still need to find or make some kind of hat/hair ornament thing. The guy in the store where I found the dress recommended some little hair-comb type thing with black feathers on it and maybe a little veil. I think I could probably manage that with some fabric scraps and what not, and a glue gun. But I need to find a comb base and some feathers. I tried a few beading stores, since they often have stuff like that, but the ones I checked didn't. Arton I think does, but they were just closing when I got there. :-(

    I may try and prepare myself tomorrow to go to the one bead store in my area. It requires advance preparation because the owner is allergic to everything, so you are not allowed in if you have used pretty much any sort of personal-care product any time in recent memory. So in order to go there, I will have to forgo not only BPAL, but hair conditioner and gel, hand cream, etc. and hope that my unscented deodorant doesn't set off any alarms (because there are some sacrifices I'm just not prepared to make).

  4. Saw an absolute adorable kids' tiger costume that looked like it might fit the Lynxcub, but when last I saw him, he was very adamant that he didn't want to dress up as anything for Halloween, so I didn't know if I should risk buying it if he might not want to actually wear it. Also, not 100% sure it would have fit. Maybe I'll ask him again about the costume thing when I see him tomorrow, and if he does seem to be in favour of it now, we could always go down to Kensington and see if it's still there.

  5. "Spare Change", my story for the first challenge of the LAS competition did not get any votes - not for best, not for worst. Will have to try and do better this time.

    There were a few really good ones in this round - notably Ophidia, which got my vote for best, and Diminuendo, which would have if that hadn't. If you didn't read any of the others, I recommend at least checking out those two stories.

    The second challenge comes with a really interesting prompt: "If you are going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill. I can think of a lot of interesting directions to take that one in, though one is currently standing out more strongly in my mind than others. No hints, as if I do end up writing that one, I'm not allowed to give any indication which story is mine, so as not to bias the voting. But it will be interesting to see what all the various writers do with this one...
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Well, I finally did make out to Nuit Blanche (for non-Torontonians, that's an annual all-night arts event where there are all sorts of installations and performances and what not all over the city, all free, from sunset to sunrise). And while I've seen a lot of other people grousing about not having liked it, I really did, and am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Met up with [livejournal.com profile] curgoth at Wychwood Barns to check out the four different projects there (two sound art installations, a mess-with-your-mind installation that used mirrors to mess with your proprioception, and a marathon storytelling session). He was in full steampunk finery for another event that was happening later the same night, and people kept looking at him curiously like they were trying to figure out if he was part of one of the exhibits.

We parted ways because he was TTCing and I was on my bike, and while I had intended to hit the creepy Cabin in the Woods at Casa Loma and the Under the Surface installation at the Spadina Museum, I ended up skipping them because I was worried about being late for meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] berecyntia and her friends at the Victory Café, who were the only other people I knew of doing NB by bike. I told myself I could always catch those two on the way back, but in retrospect that was a mistake - I was way too tired by the time I made it to my furthest destination, and it turned out people hung out at the café for some while after I got there, so I probably could have hit at least one of the two and maybe both. Oh well.

Where we went and what we saw )

Today: tired, still feeling chilled, wondering whether I'm coming down with a cold or if it's just the aftereffects of last night. But either way it was worth it.

Notes to self for next time )
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The Lynxcub was apparently very impressed with Pride this year - not only did he want to go back the same day we were there, but the first question he asked me on Wednesday's visit was "Can we go back to Pride now?" I had to explain to him the nature of yearly events... And then on today's visit, we had the following exchange:

Cub: "What's that?" (pointing to a Salsa on St. Clair poster)

Me: "That's a poster for a street festival called Salsa on St. Clair. It'll be happening here, in this neighbourhood, in about a week - they'll block off the street from cars like they did for that other festival, and there'll be lots of music and dancing. It's kind of like Pride, only different."

Cub: "Why will people be dancing?"

Me: "Because Salsa is a type of dancing, and the kind of music people play for that, and this festival is all about that. And about the part of the world it comes from, Latin America."

Cub (giving me a Look): "Actually, salsa is made from tomatoes!"

Me (trying not to die laughing): "The word can mean more than one thing, honey. 'Salsa' can mean a kind of dance, and the music people dance to, and also the kind of salsa that you eat. I don't really know why they have the same word for both -- it's kind of funny, isn't it?"

Cub (thinks for a moment, then beams delightedly, and starts laughing as if this is the funniest thing he's ever heard in his life): "Yes!!!" (then, wistfully:) "Can Pride be in this neighbourhood?"

. . .

Later, at my place, I found him kneeling in front of my office chair, on which Rosalind was soundly sleeping. He was running his little wooden airplane down her side as though she was a runway.

Me (amused): "What are you doing?"

Cub: "I'm flyin' my airplane!"

Me: "On Rosalind?"

Cub: "Yes!" (and then, as if the explanation should be perfectly obvious to anyone:) "She's an airport cat!"
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Had a mostly good time at Pride this weekend with [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech and, on Sunday, the Lynxcub.

Good: for possibly the first time ever, I did not get sunburned at Pride. At all. SPF 50 sunscreen, frequently reapplied, plus a parasol, apparently does the trick. [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech, sadly, was not quite so lucky.

Not so good: crowds, heat, not having too much luck connecting with friends. We did meet up with [livejournal.com profile] berecyntia Sunday night, though, so the weekend was not entirely without socializing.

Saturday, after some indecision, we went on the common, garden-variety Dyke March instead of the special alternate extra-cool Dyke March, despite knowing that most people we/I knew would be at the latter. We just agreed, after discussing it a fair bit, that neither of us really liked the divisiveness that the latter seemed to embody, and didn't want to encourage it. It had all started to feel a bit like some kind of high-school cliquishness... So we stuck with the original march, joining in between the Latin American contingent (because they had drummers), a local women's shelter, and a small group of bellydancers. Seemed like a reasonably auspicious place to be.

Took the Lynxcub down to Pride on Sunday. We had thought of trying to go out to the Hanlan's Point outing that some of our friends were doing, but were worried we would not be able to get the Cub back home on time if we did that. He was a bit freaked out by the crowds near the parade, so we got away from there and went to the Family Pride area, which was better. There was a water play area there, which he seemed to want to play in at the same time as not getting wet, which is not a very practical combination. What it seemed to translate into in practice was him staying well clear of the water spray and sending us in to retrieve buckets of water for him, which he would then slowly pour onto random spots on the ground, with a look of great concentration. I really wish I could see inside his mind sometimes. It must be a fascinating place.

There were also play areas set up by the Ontario Science Centre, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toy Space (a local toy store that focuses on creativity-encouraging toys) and a few others. The Cub seemed to especially enjoy the Science Centre's area, which had a big long winding track you could roll balls down, with hills and loop-the-loops and what not. I think he could happily have rolled balls down that all day and never gone anywhere else...

I was a bit worried at one point when I asked him, on the way home, if he had had a good time, and he said no, in a small, plaintive voice. But when I asked him what hadn't been good about it, he said emphatically "I want to go back!"

"Ah - so you were having a good time when you were there, and it's just that having to leave to go home wasn't good?"

"Yes!" he replied, with that special isn't-that-just-what-I-said?-you-grownups-are-dim-sometimes look.

Next time, I guess we just need to go earlier so that he can be there longer.

. . .

And now [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech is on her way back to Albany, and I am somewhat envying her the air-conditioned enviroment of the Megabus, because it is horrifically hot here today. I could hardly sleep at all last night due to the heat,

Strange fact: the little "ForecastFox" weather display in my browser says that it's 32°C right now, but if I click through from it to the AccuWeather site that it come from, the site claims that it is in fact only 25° with a "RealFeel®" of 28°. Uh, NO. The Environment Canada weather site shows the temperature as 33°, humidex 43° (humidex = what it feels like including the humidity, similar to the RealFeel thing on the AccuWeather site). That seems much more in line with what it feels like: too hot to move, think, or wear clothes, and so humid the air feels like soup. My little window fan is not helping much, and I do not currently have the funds to get a ceiling fan like I keep meaning to, much less an actual air conditioner.

Apparently, there may be a thunderstorm tonight, but even with that, the forecast for the next few days has the heat hitting 34° for the next three days running before finally cooling off on Sunday. The City of Toronto has issued an Extreme Heat Alert accordingly.

(BTW, for Americans and anyone else who uses Fahrenheit: 33°C = 91.4°F, and 43°C = 109.4°F. No, it is NOT always cold in Canada.)

Did I mention that I really, really, REALLY hate hot, humid, weather? Really. A lot. I can't think clearly, gave absolutely zero energy, and currently I've also felt a bit queasy all day -- not quite full-on nausea, but not good. Not sure if that's just the heat and lack of sleep, or if I'm actually coming down with something.
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So, I had been kind of undecided as to what to do about Pride this year, in that (for non-locals, and anyone local who somehow hasn't heard) it had become a huge political mess, due to controversy over a pro-Palestinian group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) which some people perceive as being anti-semitic (despite the fact that, one would think, criticizing the policies of a country's government is very different from attacking the people of that country).

More background, including today's developments )
. . .
What to do for Pride, including a mini-rant which may annoy people )
. . .
And a mega-rant which will almost certainly annoy virtually everyone )
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So apparently we just had an earthquake an hour ago. Magnitude 5.something, though centred pretty far away from here.

I did not notice anything whatsoever, and am vaguely disappointed.

I mean, not that I would have liked to be in the midst of a disaster-movie scenario, but I've never experienced an earthquake before, and it would have been nice to have at least noticed it. I suppose it happened when I was out with Kiska, en route to the library to take some books back, and I guess it was less noticeable outside because there's not as much stuff to be shaking out there. But really, you'd think I'd have felt something... Oh well.

. . .

In other news, I have been trying to teach the Lynxcub about geography, via all the World Cup flags we keep seeing around. This has had an unexpected side effect: he's now obsessed with Argentina, because (a) he likes their flag best (two big sky blue stripes and a sun in between), and (b) I made the mistake of letting him know they have penguins there.

Now he will only watch videos of Argentinian penguins. Seriously. The ones in Chile and Antarctica just aren't good enough. When I initially searched for penguin videos on YouTube for him yesterday, he had a near-meltdown over it: "But I want to see penguins from ARGENTIIINNNAAAAAA!!!" (imagine this in a rising wail that went from mildly disappointed-sounding to near-hysteria in about 5 seconds). Thankfully I was able to find some, on the National Geographic site.

This lends a new element of irony to the fact that his big stuffed penguin is named Tango. While initially a reference to And Tango Makes Three, the most banned book in the US in recent years and one of the Cub's favourites (I'm so proud of his tastes in illicit literature), it's also, of course, a style of dance that originated in... Argentina!
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This weekend, there's a "Pedestrian Celebration" happening on St. Clair from Vaughan to Winona, called Feet on the Street. They've closed that section of the street off to car traffic, kind of like the Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, except that it included part of today as well as most of the day tomorrow.

I wandered around a bit today and it was pretty cool - not a mob scene like Salsa on St. Clair or anything like that, but a fair number of people out walking (and biking, rollerblading, etc.) on the street, particularly families with kids. Most of the restaurants in the area had put tables out on the sidewalk like a sort of extended patio, and they were nearly all full, so the event seemed to be doing a lot of good for them. And a lot of stores were having sidewalk sales. Here and there were random tables with various things out on them to encourage people to have fun - everything from Scrabble games to kids' hockey and badminton equipment, skip ropes, coloured chalk for drawing on the street (which neighourhood kids had already put to good use by the time I came by. There was also a giant chessboard in one place (about 10' square, with pieces a foot and a half high or so), which seemed to be really popular.

For the most part it did seem a bit quiet and subdued compared to most street-festival type things, but there was definitely more noise and energy happening toward the western end of the strip, where the concentration of Latin American restaurants is higher. Some cultures know how to party on the street better than others, I guess. There was a very lively drum session going on outside a Peruvian restaurant. The Hungarians were also right into it, with the Hungarian community centre near Winona having some kind of folk festival of its own going on, with food tents outside and live music.

Even in the quieter parts, though, it was really nice. Having so many people out on the street, walking dogs, kids riding trikes or playing ball, etc. really made for a lot of community feeling. As far as I know, this is a one-off event, but I would love it if it became a monthly thing like the Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington.

Anyway, it continues tomorrow, from 9am to 8pm, and I'd definitely encourage people to come check it out, even if you don't live in the area. I will be probably be making the rounds with the Lynxcub for at least part of tomorrow afternoon. Who wants to come out and join us?
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O. M. G.

That was one of the best concerts of my life. And I've been to a lot of concerts.

Seriously, you should have been there. And by "you", I mean everyone.

I will perhaps post more later, tomorrow, when I'm not trying to make myself plough through some last-minute urgent work before going to bed. And maybe see if any of my cell phone pics turned out.

But for now, I just had to say: wow.
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  1. [livejournal.com profile] optimystik is participating in a CN Tower climb for the World Wildlife Fund on April 15, and needs sponsors. The idea is to climb all the way up the zillion stairs in the CN Tower (1776 steps!) - and he's also trying to set a speed record. Most people take 30-40 minutes or more to do it - he's trying for less than 11 minutes. (Because he's insane like that. But in a good way.)

    Details here. You can sponsor him for any amount you choose, either via the official online sponsorship page if you have a credit card, or by commenting to his LJ post about it if you'd rather do it via cash or PayPal or whatever.

    . . .

    Elsewhere, [livejournal.com profile] jimhines is raffling off (sort of) an autographed advance review copy of his latest novel, Red Hood’s Revenge, to raise money for rape crisis centres. You make a donation either to the US-based Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network or to your local rape crisis centre, and the e-mail him at endrape@jimchines.com to let him know, before April 16.

    Details here.
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While not entirely without its stresses, this week has mostly been made of awesome, so far. Here are some of the specifics:
  1. Finally got to the Kensington Market Festival of Lights this year, and it was amazing. A really eclectic variety of people from families with kids to punks with pitbulls, and all sorts of creative and entertaining things including mummers, giant animal puppets, Native singers, kids putting on mini-plays, fire-spinning circus folks, a masked raccoon gang, random public art... And I'm still probably missing half of what was there. There were a couple of points where I found myself getting tears in my eyes just because it was so amazing having all these different kinds of people together doing wildly creative things. And it really made me realize just how much, and why, I love this city.

  2. Cookies! )

  3. Aidan! )

  4. Really Good Beer! )

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, happy extended solstice or other holiday of your choice to those who don't. Have some cookies.
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Yes, I know, I'm way overdue to make a real LJ post. This is not going to be it, however. I've been in a mega work crunch that will probably be continuing all this week, though maybe I'll manage at least some kind of point-form catch-up somewhere in there.

But the main reason for this post is to let those of you in Canada know that the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is coming up. It runs from Sept. 19-27, with individual cleanups of different areas scheduled for various points during that time. You can go to the web site to see what cleanups are happening in your area. "Shoreline" is defined pretty loosely - you don't need to on the ocean or even a large lake to do a cleanup. A lot of the ones in Toronto, for example, are around creeks in ravine parks (since we have rather a lot of those, in addition to the lake and two major rivers). There are over 1500 cleanups happening in various locations across Canada.

The project is coordinated by the Vancouver Aquarium, with an annoying but probably necessary level of corporate sponsorship from TD and sponsored by TD (which is very nice of them, though I wish they could have been a little less aggressive with the branding) (Edited to clarify that it's not the corporate sponsorship I mind, just the way it's being shown), but the individual cleanups are mostly organized by volunteers in the various communities. They provide things like garbage bags and disposable latex gloves, but if you want something like work gloves for handling sharp things you will want to bring your own. I actually organized a cleanup last year for Cedarvale Park (the big ravine near me), but I didn't have time this year.

However, while I couldn't coordinate a cleanup this year, I did at least register to participate in the cleanup of David Balfour Park, the ravine near Yonge & St. Clair, which I had also participated in year before last. I don't visit that ravine as often as Cedarvale, but I do really like it, and I find it particularly helps the cleanup to feel like a form of spiritual service for me, because something about that ravine tend to make me feel Danu's presence strongly there.

Anyway, this is basically just a nudge for those of you that might be so inclined to check out the site and consider joining a cleanup in your area. If you're in Toronto and not particularly drawn toward any other cleanup, the one at David Balfour Park is at 1:00 this Sunday, if anyone wants to join me there.
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Just a short update, because I am tired and want to go to bed.
  1. First and most important:

    Happy birthday, Aidan!

    Two years...! Sometimes it seems like you've been in my life a lot longer, and it's hard to imagine the time before, and other times it seems like only yesterday that you were learning to crawl - or just being born. But either way, happy birthday to the boy who is unfailingly the brightest spot in my life.

  2. Sadly, I did not make it out to the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! festival this weekend, mainly because of the incredible weather suckage (rain rain rain rain rain punctuated by thunder and lightning and more rain, mostly). Oh well... Apparently they are going to have a winter version of it as well this year, so I don't have to wait a whole year for the next one.

    And the weekend was not entirely without South Asian influence, because I got Aidan veggie pakoras at Savera (the new Indian restaurant on St. Clair, which is awesome, BTW, and anyone in the area should definitely check it out) for a birthday treat.

  3. Was astonished and somewhat horrified on Friday to find that the post office where I have had my business PO box for the past 12 years is now gone, with no warning. minor venting )
That is all. Sleep now.
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This one's aimed predominantly at the locals, obviously...

So, it is Canada Day. And it is also Wednesday, meaning I have Aidan this evening. And I had hoped to take him to see the fireworks. But all the usual city-sponsored fireworks displays and other celebrations are cancelled due to the municipal government employees being on strike.

Does anyone know if there might be any fireworks happening anywhere in the city this evening that have not been affected by the strike? The only one I've been able to find by searching online is the Festival of Fire at Ontario Place, but requires buying very expensive tickets, and while it might be visible from somewhere outside Ontario Place to the cheap and/or broke, it also doesn't begin until 10:30pm, which is way too late.

I suppose there will probably be families setting off fireworks on their own here and there in parks and what not, so maybe we'll just go out and wander around near sunset and see what we can find... Mind you, the sun doesn't set until around the time I'm supposed to have him back anyway, so maybe this whole idea is an exercise in futility. But I'm still hoping that maybe we could get to see a little bit before I have to take him back.

So if anyone knows of anything happening, please do let me know. Bonus points if it's actually in or near my area (St. Clair West).

BTW, I got some really awesome photos of me and Aidan yesterday, from a recent photo session by Christine Chew of Out There Photography, one of my clients. On the whole, I think Aidan is more photogenic than I am - he nearly always looks great in photos - but there's at least one that I look really good in as well. I'll try and post them later this evening.
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I've been in a huge work crunch lately and have just done two consecutive all-nighters, at least if all-nighter is defined as staying up until the hours when most people are getting up, and then trying to squeeze in a few hours of sleep in the morning, as opposed to not sleeping at all.

As a result, I am not exactly brimming with energy. However... I am very definitely going to Funkasia tonight! It's been the highlight of Pride weekend for me ever since I discovered it, and more so now that I had a chance to get well and truly hooked during its brief duration as a monthly night last fall, and have been in withdrawal ever since.

More info at the web site I built for them: http://www.funkasia.ca
And on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=96431205739
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  1. Apparently, I am sick again. Apparently it is not enough that I was sick for half of December with the cold that wouldn't die, it is now necessary that I be sick again in January.

    Specifically: slight cough yesterday, which turned into a more-than-slight cough by late evening. Went to be early-ish (by my standards, anyway) after some herbal cough tea, and woke up a few hours later due to more coughing. NyQuil, then back to sleep. In the morning: tried to say something to the cat, and no voice came out. Voice eventually came back after much more coughing, but it's still kind of raspy, though coughing seems to have diminished a bit now.

    I am sure this has nothing at all to do with the two all-nighters I ended up doing in the past week. I mean, just because I seem to get sick every time I get severely short on sleep, that doesn't mean there could be a connection there and I should stop doing it, does it? *sigh* I am reminded of that joke about the definition of insanity being doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

    Well, hopefully if I'm sensible and start getting enough sleep now I will be able to fend this thing off before it gets any worse, anyway. To which end, I am going to bed after I post this.

  2. Note to those who you who were interested in the Radical Business Intensive, the weekend-long marketing seminar for alternative & progressive businesses that I attended back in May and really enjoyed, it's coming back! On the weekend of Jan 29-Feb 1.

    This was a seriously cool event -- a definite change from any marketing event I've been to before, since at most of them I've felt like an alien. But Tad Hargrave, the guy who leads the RBI, was wearing a Utilikilt, made jokes about anarchism and Doctor Who, and referred to the event as "marketing for hippies", so for once I felt like I was learning cool business stuff while among My People. :-)

    Any of you who are in Toronto and run your own business in any capacity really need to check this out. Among the event's many virtues, it's pay-what-you-can, and you don't have to decide how much to pay until the end. It's also a great opportunity to network with other non-mainstream business owners.

    If you're not in Toronto, check out the announcement anyway -- he's got dates upcoming in a few other cities as well (Kitchener, Calgary and Red Deer, last I checked). And there are some articles and free downloads and what not elsewhere on Tad's site and blog that are useful no matter where you are.

  3. There were a couple of other things I was going to post but I have now forgotten what they are. That is probably a sign that it is time for bed.
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Savage was lovely - I am going to miss it so much. I don't even know where else there is to go any more.

Saw a few friends - [livejournal.com profile] margrock of course, and [livejournal.com profile] sher_khan and [livejournal.com profile] wildelf - not as many as I'd hoped, but was still good.

And on the way back, there was an impromptu streetcar party, with three guys drumming (two djembes and a bodhran) and people dancing on the seats and in the aisles. Definitely made taking the TTC a lot more fun than usual.

And now, bed.
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Back in town -- since Tuesday night, really, but I've been busy catching up on work and what not so I haven't posted anything much until now.

Spent all of yesterday with a massive splitting headache that I couldn't initially figure out the cause of, since it did not have the right characteristics to be a migraine (no knot in the back of the neck, not just on one side, no particular sensitivity to light or sound). It felt strangely familiar, though, like I'd had that kind before... It started very early in the morning, a couple of hours before when I would normally get up, and lasted straight through the night despite the popping of multiple extra-strength Tylenols throughout the day. Still there a bit today, though considerably lessened.

The mystery was solved when I recalled that during my entire trip to Points South, I was drinking copious amounts of coffee, because (a) I hadn't brought my Adderall with me, and (b) as Neil Gaiman famously pointed out (follow-up post here), it is virtually impossible to get a decent cup of tea in the United States. And then, upon my return, I reverted to my usual one-cup-of-tea-in-the-morning-and-no-other-caffeine workday pattern.

Ah, yes. That would be a caffeine withdrawal headache. Haven't had one of those since dropping out of grad school.*

Anyway: apart from the headache, things have been reasonably good since my return. No huge client crises in my absence, backlog of work significant but not overwhelming, got to see [livejournal.com profile] thewronghands yesterday despite having missed her the night before, and am seeing Aidan an unprecedented four days in a row this week, due to the collision of various events.

Tonight: going to see MIDIval PunditZ with Karsh Kale and Vishal Vaid as part of the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! South Asian festival at Exhibition Place. I've been a fan of MIDIval PunditZ, whose sound has been described as "the sublime blurring of boundaries between classical Indian, electronica and rock", for some time, so the prospect of getting to see them live is exciting, and the fact that it's FREE even more so. If you're for some reason not familiar with their music yet, you can hear some here.

The festival (which also includes a marketplace with vendors of all things South Asian, and a food area with booths from various local Indian restaurants) opens at 6pm, and the show starts at 8:30pm, at the Bandshell Stage in Exhibition Place, for any of you who are local and would like to come. Did I mention it's FREE?

* Contrary to popular belief, tea does not have more caffeine than coffee. It has about a third to a half as much, depending on what kind of tea and what kind of coffee. I think the myth comes from tea leaves having more caffeine by weight than coffee beans, but that does not translate into equivalent levels of caffeine in the actual beverages that you drink. More here.
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Due to a mega work crunch, I will not be going to as much Pride stuff as I'd hoped to, but two things I will be going to are Funkasia tonight and the Dyke March tomorrow.

The Funkasia event tonight - which is free, and happening from 7-11pm, at the south stage of the Pride Festival area - has been really under-publicized and for some reason doesn't even appear on the Pride Toronto web site. And Funkasia itself, and its host/organizer DJ Zahra, doesn't have a web site of its own any more, since it's been on hiatus for the past couple of years. But back when it was a regular event, it was amazing. Awesome Indian dance music - Bollywood songs, bhangra, etc. - and just a huge amount of fun.

Anyone else going tonight?


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