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I really, really want this T-shirt:


(I also really wish people would stop using the absurd term "baby doll" for T-shirts that are cut to accommodate people who happen to have breasts. How about something like oh, I don't know, women's T-shirts? No, that would make too much sense.
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I'm doing a small decant circle for the recent BPAL Black Moon update, which I initially was just going to do for local folks, and posted on the BPAL-Toronto mailing list. (I'm also doing one for Snow, Glass, Apples, but that one filled up in a heartbeat, no spaces left). Anyway, since everyone pounced on SGA and ignored the other two, I have lots of spaces left for both Schwarzer Mond and Lune Noir:

Schwarzer Mond ($3.75/decant - NOW FULL):
The keeper of secrets: opoponax, Tunisian black amber, night musk, antique patchouli, zdravetz, terebinth, myrrh, and Pimenta racemosa.

1. [livejournal.com profile] theshapeshifter
2. [livejournal.com profile] the_moogie
3. [livejournal.com profile] neeuqdrazil
4. [livejournal.com profile] tamago23
5. Cheryl from the BPAL-Toronto list
6. [livejournal.com profile] cybress

Lune Noir ($3.75/decant):
The encroaching darkness: black orchid, jonquil, white pear, white amber, gardenia, olibanum, champaca, sweet clove, tonka, oakmoss, and blue musk.

1. Me
2. [livejournal.com profile] tamago23
3. [livejournal.com profile] cybress

From personal experience, Schwarzer Mond (which originally appeared as a limited edition two years ago), is a really gorgeous deep, rich, incensey scent. I think it was originally intended as a men's scent, but smells damn good on many women too, including me. It's acquired near-legendary status since then, so the fact that it's making a repeat appearance is amazing.

Lune Noir is new this time around, but sounds promising, though possibly a little too floral for me - we'll see. Anything with amber, oakmoss and cloves in it can't be all bad.

Local people can pick their decants up from me at a meet'n'sniff or wherever, but for non-locals and anyone else who would prefer theirs mailed, shipping is $1.50. All prices are in USD as that's what BPAL's prices are in, so it just makes things simpler. My PayPal address is lynna@spidersilk.net.

I will need to place the order by 1 am EST tonight (in order to get SGA, which is likely to sell out really fast), so let me know ASAP if you're interested.

ETA: I could conceivably add a second Snow, Glass, Apples, but only under one condition. You see, it's a special limited edition that is not just the perfume oil, but a combined set with that and a limited edition chapbook of the Neil Gaiman short story of the same name. The price for the whole set is $50 - you can't just get the oil separately. With the one set I'm ordering, I'm kicking in $25 for the book and one imp's worth of oil, and the other people who signed on are each paying $5 for a decanted imp. So the only way I could add a second set would be if someone else wanted the book that came with that one and was willing to pay $25 for it.
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This isn't a whole lot of notice, but for you local folks, there's going to be a BPAL meet'n'sniff this Sunday at 3pm, at Java House on Queen St. (at Augusta, halfway between Bathurst and Spadina).

I aim to have everyone's CD III decants there, for those of you who joined my decant circle for that one.

. . .

In other news, What's that Japanese word for death by overwork again? )
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It's here! My Carnival Diabolique Act III decant circle order, that is. A very cold, snow-coverd postman just rang my doorbell and handed over a deliciously heavy Global Priority Mail box (well, in exchange for $11 duty & PST...*). I was a little wary since the box was in a plastic bag and marked as having been opened by customs, but I've checked and everything seems fine. All the bottles are now lined up neatly on my desk, and there's a sizable pile of frimps to divide between circle participants as well.

I will be working on decanting everything over the next few days. Another update to follow when everything is ready to go. Right now, I'm mainly just madly sniffing it all.

. . .

BTW, apologies for the lack of any sort of real posts here in the last while. I've been insanely busy, and probably will be for the next month and a half or so as well. Lots I'd like to write about, but no time to do it in. But I hope I'll be able to find a spare moment here and there to at least

. . .

* Yes, the Lab's strategy of kindly marking the value of all packages to Canada as $5 doesn't seem to have gone over well this time, as customs opened the box and reassessed it as $100. Can't complain, really, especially since the actual value was $350.
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For those of you in my decant circle, I got the shipping notice today!

That means I should have the package within 1-2 weeks, and can then start decanting all the smelly goodness. Not entirely sure how long that will take - as I mentioned before, this is the first time I've done this. But 18 bottles x 6 imps each = 108 decants, so however long that takes. :-)
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This post is only likely to be of interest to those of you who share my addiction to interest in Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils. Or would like to become addicted...

I'm putting together a decant circle for Act III of the Carnival Diabolique Limited Edition collection. You can see full descriptions of the scents and artwork (very cool artwork - click on the small pics to see them full size) here - scroll down to "Act III - The 13-in-1". And there are at least a few spaces left for nearly all the scents, if anyone is interested. For those new to this, please note that there are several men's scents involved, so male readers are not necessarily safe from temptation.

Mom, what's a decant circle? )

A few notes )

On to the monsters! )
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Just realizing it's been over two weeks since I last posted anything, and longer than that since I last posted anything public. I think I generally post less when I'm happy with life. Which I mostly am, right now.

Part of that is just the nature of spring -- I think I must have a touch of SAD or something. I'm not necessarily depressed all through winter, but I do tend to be a little more angsty and introverted then. But when spring comes, it's like my serotonin levels skyrocket and everything seems right with the world. Little things like walking under a couple of flowering trees in front of Nikos's old apartment building on St. Clair and seeing the sidewalk strewn with pink petals, or seeing a professional dog walker walking a whole pack of various sorts of dogs on a huge multi-leash type of thing, fill me with intense delight.

And it's not even just that all seems right with the world -- all pretty much is right with the world right now, or at least the world chez Lynx. I am, overall, happier than I have been in a long time, I think. Here are a few reasons:

The Goodness )

And a pensive note... )
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  1. The Wild Ideas redesign is live at last. There are still a fair number of little glitches and things that need updating - probably the biggest is that I haven't yet managed to customize the script that the web reviews run on, so that area currently looks nothing like the rest of the site. It uses Smarty templates which choke on the PHP I use to generate the menus and things on the rest of the site. Still working on that. Things will have to be fixed up over time, because I'm busy enough with other people's projects that I don't have much time to work on my own. But I think that now that I'm at least over the hump of getting the new design up, I will at least have more incentive to work on the site, because I won't cringe every time I look at it.

  2. The new Wild Ideas also includes a blog where I will post news about the site and other interesting tidbits. I will try and avoid having it duplicate anything that gets posted in my LJ, but we'll see how that works out. Anyway, it has an RSS feed, and if you want you can add it to your friends page as [livejournal.com profile] wild_ideas_news.

  3. I am developing an irrational love of databases. Learning the mysterious ways of SQL-fu has been really interesting, and useful. It has enabled me to do things like suck all the data from the broken Gossamer Threads script that the web reviews once ran on into a new PHP/MySQL based link directory script, and more recently, for a client, salvage all the posts and comments from a broken Movable Type blog and import them into a new WordPress installation. Stuff like that makes me feel like I have magical or possibly even divine power over data. :-) Even though I know there is still a lot more I have to learn.

  4. The down side of this is that I am now unable to look at any mass of interconnected data without wanting to put it into an SQL database of some kind. This could easily lead to Too Many Projects. I am currently resisting the temptation to do that with my BPAL reviews, wishlist, etc. because that really shouldn't be a priority, but it's hard. Very hard, sometimes... (cue inner dialogue)

    "...And then you can make a contacts table for all the people you've swapped with, bought from or sold to, a transactions table to track individual transactions linked to the contact and the specific oils involved, and then..."

    "NO! Must focus on PAYING work!"

    "But it would be easy! All you have to do is..."

    "LA LA LA!! I'm not listening!"
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Well, I have done my patriotic duty, and voted for the first time since becoming legally eligible to do so this past September.

I was actually not at all sure who I was going to vote for, right up until I went behind the little screen to mark by ballot. Up until that very last moment, I was thinking that pragmatically, I should hold my nose and vote Liberal just on the off chance they could still conceivably win; and that really, my vote wasn't likely to count for much since this riding has gone Liberal consistently since 1958 so they didn't really need my support, whereas the Green Party could really use that extra bit of funding...

And then I went behind the little screen, and found myself marking my little "X" beside the name of Gord Perks, the NDP candidate.

. . .

I suppose it was a middle ground of sorts. I don't entirely like the NDP, but I dislike them less than I do the Liberals, and while they generally screw up royally when they actually get elected, that's unlikely ever to happen at the federal level and they do make a pretty good opposition and can keep minority goverments that have to depend on them for support in line to some degree.

Of course, should it happen that our riding does go NDP this time, which is conceivably possible, and that the Conservatives win by only one seat, which is less likely but still conceivable, I will have to commit hara-kiri.

. . .

I should add that I voted NDP despite the fact that the NDP canvasser who came to our door was a complete dumbass. The high point of our conversation was when he told me that Mario Silva, our local Liberal candidate, obviously couldn't be trusted because he was a former city councillor, and "we all know what they're like." This while wearing a big Jack Layton button. (Note to non-Canadians: Jack Layton, the federal NDP leader, is also a former city councillor.)

. . .

And of course, the other major decision for a BPAL addict such as myself to make on election day was what scent to wear to the polls. I settled on The Great Sword of War, from the Revelations-inspired "Come and See" collection. This seemed appropriate for two reasons: one, under current circumstances it did feel a bit like riding off to war; and two, barring a stunning upset, we are probably about to elect the Antichrist.
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Lifted from [livejournal.com profile] metalana:


Warning: don't even think about drinking any form of liquid while reading this, if you value your monitor and/or your lungs. Or if you are at work, or anywhere else where collapsing in a fit of helpless laughter would draw undesirable attention.


Sep. 26th, 2005 06:41 pm
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More BPAL amusement chez nous:

A swap package arrived, with a handful of new oils, including Anne Bonney and Azathoth, both of which I'd been wanting for a while. [livejournal.com profile] ladyjane asked me which one I was going to try first. I replied "Well, I guess I just have to decide if I feel more like a fearsome and notorious female pirate today, or the mad blind god at the centre of the universe surrounded by idiot flute-players."

I thought for about 30 seconds about my stress levels over the past couple of days, and reached for the Azathoth.

At last...

Sep. 14th, 2005 04:27 pm
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After a new client sent me a deposit via PayPal a week or two ago, I finally decided I could wait no longer for certain things my computer has been needing for a long, long time, and hit eBay in search of (a) a RAM upgrade, and (b) an Airport Extreme (wireless internet) card. Both were found, and both have now arrived.

Though mind you, the fact that other clients who I had expected to pay me in actual non-electronic money by now have not done so due to various logistical problems and what not makes me kind of wish I'd just withdrawn the PayPal money and kept it for necessities instead... But still. RAM and Airport card have arrived, and grocery money or no, my beloved iBook is now going to get faster (lack of RAM has been slowing it down, big time) and more mobile.

And this means: it is now time to operate on My Precious. I have never installed anything in an iBook before, but I have in desktop Macs, and I have a PDF of instructions from Apple. Apparently I just need to take some screws out, unlock and lift out the keyboard, and I should then be able to see where both the RAM and the Airport card go. And, of course, due to the iBook's sucky RAM architecture, I have to take out 128 Mb of the 256 that are in there and replace it with the 512 I just bought, so that I will have 640 total, rather than 768 which would have been nice. 640 Mb is apparently the maximum amount my particular iBook can take. That's what I get for buying the bottom of the line model two years ago, I guess. And did I mention that every model of iBook that came after mine came with the Airport Extreme card already installed? Oh well.

. . .

In other news, the interesting names of BPAL oils lead to some surreal snippets of conversation, e.g.:
"Wow - the way you smiled when you smelled the Voodoo just now was almost like you usually do when I'm wearing Blood!"

"Well, you know I really love the smell of Blood on you..."
Almost as good as the following, which took place at the Occult Shop:
Me to [livejournal.com profile] nocturnalia: "Mind you, I'm not really sure how you get 'evil gingersnaps' from the Black Goat of a Thousand Young..."

[livejournal.com profile] valgarth, walking in in mid-conversation, and stopping in his tracks with a look that was equal parts intrigued and traumatized: "Do I even want to know the context of this conversation?"
I was actually talking about the oil named for Shub-Niggurath in the "Springtime in Arkham" collection, but things sound so interesting sans context...

. . .

Anyway: time to shut down, and muster up my courage to open my baby up for the first time. Hopefully all will go well.
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Well. Once my nose had recovered, I went into the bedroom where Kiska had lain down (on our bed!) to have a sniff, and oh my. She did get skunked. So, lacking the traditional remedy of tomato juice, I hit the web looking for alternatives, to see if there was anything I might be able to use in the meantime (intending to get tomato juice tomorrow) and discovered three things:
  1. Tomato juice, apparently, does not actually work to deodorize skunk spray. Neither does vinegar, sometimes recommended as an alternative. All either of them apparently do is mask the smell (and, in the case of tomato juice, stain your pet pink).

  2. It is imperative to get the spray off the animal right away, before it has a chance to soak in, or they can retain the odour for up to two years.

  3. There is an alternative, created by an industrial chemist, that uses baking soda, peroxide and dish soap, all of which I did happen to have in stock.
Virtually every site I pulled up recommended that same recipe, and most linked to the creator's site, so I took the hint and mixed up a scaled-down batch of the formula, given that (a) I only had one half-full bottle of peroxide, and (b) only her left shoulder and neck got hit, so I didn't need to put it all over her.

Then came the fun part of coaxing her into the kitchen and sponging the formula into her fur. I went a little outside the skunked area for good measure, doing pretty much the front left quarter of her body. She was pretty patient with this, considering how much she hates to get wet, and only once in a while tried to wriggle away. I kept the solution on her for about 10 minutes, while sitting in the doorway between the living room and kitchen so that she couldn't get back into the living room or bedroom and get soapy skunky peroxide all over everything. This waiting period was made more exciting by her frequent attempts to wriggle past me into the living room, alternating with shaking herself and thus spraying the solution all over the kitchen.

Then came the even more fun part of wrestling her into the bathroom and trying to find a creative way to rinse her off given our total lack of a bathtub. I did not set much store in the idea of being able to give her a shower in our very small shower stall at the same time as (a) being in there with her to help rinse off the formula, (b) blocking the opening so she couldn't get out, and (c) not getting water all over the entire bathroom. I ended up opting for corralling her in the shower stall and pouring pitchers of water over her with the plastic pitcher I usually use for iced tea, while crouching in the opening of the shower stall to block her in (after stripping my clothes off as I really should have done before I started this whole process at all). She was, again, relatively patient through all this, although she did keep an eye open for possible escape routes, meaning that every time I filled the pitcher from the sink (which I had to do while crouching half under the sink, a dandy logistical challenge) I had to be watching her carefully with my peripheral vision.

But eventually the deed was done, she was rinsed and towelled off, and it actually seems to have worked pretty well. She is far, far more pleasant smelling now. Once she was settled in on our bed (on top of a thick folded dog blanket, this time), I mopped the bathroom floor, rinsed myself off, and then went straight to my little BPAL shelf and applied Black Forest to about six different body parts. Was tempted to also apply some to Kiska, but I think she's been through enough.

Hopefully, at least, she will now know to stay far, far away from anything with black and white stripes.

And I still have a sizeable chunk more work to get done tonight... :-(
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Like the last batch, these were written a while back. Just trying to clear the backlog before posting new ones... Lab descriptions in italics, cut so the uninterested can skip the whole thing.

Another forum purchase (plus one I forget to include in the previous batch):

Euphrosyne )
Greed )
The Lion )
The Raven )

And from the Meet'n'Sniff (acquired there, or at least tried):

Absinthe )
Bewitched )
Chimera )
Dance of Death )
Hamadryad )
Loup Garou )
Omen )
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1. PHP, RSS and other TLAs

I feel like a true LJ geek now. Earlier today, I added and RSS feed to my friends list that had never been syndicated on LJ before. So I got to give it an account name and everything. Webgeeks who wish to stay up to date on PHP security issues may now add [livejournal.com profile] php_security to their friends lists. And hopefully some will, because I think if only one or two people subscribe to something, it costs more in that weird point system thing they have for syndicated feeds.

2. Invasion of the Smellies

In other news, my long-awaited BPAL order from way back in June came today! Imps of Baghdad, Bastet, Bewitched, Black Forest, Coyote, Crossroads, Desire, Incantation, Lilith, Rakshasa, Velvet and Vixen, plus they threw in free imps of Black Lotus, Blood, Queen Mab and Sri Lanka. I have thus far today had on me at various points Rakhasa, Vixen, Queen Mab, Velvet and Incantation. Very much liked the first two, very much did not like the last. Queen Mab was nice and interesting, though not my usual sort of scent, and needs further experimenting. Velvet I have my doubts about but will try further as well. And many more to try! Reviews to come. Some of the ones in this order I already know now that I don't like, but they'll be fodder for swapping.

In the meantime, I should probably, as mentioned earlier, post some of the reviews here that I've been posting on bpal.org for the past couple of months (I made several small purchases and swaps via those forums or LJ while waiting for the lab order -- for those not yet immersed in the madness, there's an active community that's grown up around swapping the little sample vials, or "imps' ears"). I have about 20 reviews saved, but I very much doubt anyone wants to plough through them all at once, so I'm just going to put the first handful here. And I've prefaced each one with the Lab description, in italics.

The first batch I got, way back when:

Black Forest )
Black Lotus )
Haunted )
Lilith )

And the second batch:

Belladonna )
Dublin )
Malediction )
Tintagel )

And that is enough for now.
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In today's mail:
  1. A GST refund cheque. I am still unused to the idea of Revenue Canada actually giving me money, rather than taking it away, and tend to regard things like this with the awe most people reserve for spontaneous appearances of divine images in the clouds.

  2. A small package containing 5 BPAL imps, acquired from a member of the bpal.org forums. Since starting to have a wee bit of disposable income again, I have made a number of small trades and purchases of BPAL stuff via the forums and the [livejournal.com profile] alchemylab community, and while I am now on a no-new-orders resolution for a while since I seemed at risk of getting carried away, it's now time for the imps (sample vials of perfume oils) I've already ordered to start showing up. In this set: Belladonna, Malediction, Dublin, Tintagel, and a bonus partial imp of Greed that she apparently threw in just to be nice. I am currently wearing the Belladonna, and smell kind of herby-flowery and poisonous.

  3. Most astonishingly, a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada telling me to come in and write my citzenship test on August 12. Back in December, they said it would be 12-15 months. It's been 7 and a half. Wow. If they've streamlined the permanent resident process half as much as they seem to have streamlined the citizenship process, [livejournal.com profile] ladyjane could be landed and able to work much sooner than we thought. Now I have to find that damn study guide they sent me back in December.
I have a renewed respect for the power of snail mail. Who knew so many good things could arrive in one day?


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