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I had an excellent pre-birthday visit and park outing with the Lynxcub today, who turns three tomorrow (well, today, technically, since it's after midnight).

Since it was organized on such short notice, I wasn't really expecting much in the way of guests, which is good, because only one showed up (Kami, an old friend who's currently up visiting from the US). But the Cub liked meeting her, and vice-versa. Plus, there were berries, edamame, peppery Triscuits, and coconut-milk ice cream, not to mention much playing with sand toys and his beloved Netherlands soccer ball.

He impressed a few parents with his over-articulateness, first when he stirred a bunch of sand around in a plastic bowl and then showed it to various adults, informing each one that he was making basil pesto (one commented to me "I think you've got a budding chef on your hands!"). And then a bit later, when he was digging in the sand and said he was planting plants, and when I asked him what kind, he thought for a minute and then replied "Echinacea!"

Another classic moment: he found a larger soccer ball than his, with a blue-and-green Brazilian flag pattern on it, and handed it to Kami, saying "This is going to be the earth," and then, holding up his smaller ball a short distance from it "And this is the moon!" Another parent who overheard this said "So he's going to be going to Yale in what, two years?" Me, I was just a bit worried by the fact that his next move after declaring what they were was to hurl the "moon" into the "earth" with all the force he could muster, while laughing maniacally. So if he doesn't turn out to be a gourmet chef or herbalist, mad scientist may be next on the list.

And he is officially in love with the Little Fur Family book my mom sent him - he had me read it to him about five times (both before and after the park outing), and kept snuggling the fake-fur cover in between readings. And then insisted in taking it back home with him, where he will probably be making [livejournal.com profile] kettunainen and [livejournal.com profile] optimystik read to him over and over as well. Note to self: I need to come up with a tune for that little song they sing the fur child at the end.

Happy birthday to the most awesome person I have ever known. I can't think of anything more worth celebrating than having had you in my life for three years now.

. . .

And BTW, should anyone out there be contemplating getting the Cub some kind of present, but be short on ideas, there are a few suggestions here (just ignore the parenting books on that list) and here.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lgbtech!!

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Just a short update, because I am tired and want to go to bed.
  1. First and most important:

    Happy birthday, Aidan!

    Two years...! Sometimes it seems like you've been in my life a lot longer, and it's hard to imagine the time before, and other times it seems like only yesterday that you were learning to crawl - or just being born. But either way, happy birthday to the boy who is unfailingly the brightest spot in my life.

  2. Sadly, I did not make it out to the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! festival this weekend, mainly because of the incredible weather suckage (rain rain rain rain rain punctuated by thunder and lightning and more rain, mostly). Oh well... Apparently they are going to have a winter version of it as well this year, so I don't have to wait a whole year for the next one.

    And the weekend was not entirely without South Asian influence, because I got Aidan veggie pakoras at Savera (the new Indian restaurant on St. Clair, which is awesome, BTW, and anyone in the area should definitely check it out) for a birthday treat.

  3. Was astonished and somewhat horrified on Friday to find that the post office where I have had my business PO box for the past 12 years is now gone, with no warning. minor venting )
That is all. Sleep now.
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One year ago today, I watched you enter this world. I remember thinking you looked like this tiny little goblin-like creature rather than a human baby, and loving you immediately anyway.

Since then it's been a very eventful year, in good ways and bad, but having you in my life has been by far the very best part of it. Even though I don't live with you any more, you're in my heart and my thoughts every day, and I miss you whenever I'm not with you.

Happy birthday, Aidan.

And thank you to the weather gods for not raining on your birthday picnic.
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Today, I:
  1. Survived a one-shot Call of Cthulhu game with no ill effects except temporary insanity, scars from a shotgun blast to the face, and a deep desire never to see the inside of a cave again under any circumstances (which would probably be less problematic were my character not a professional caving guide). Ironically, I think it was the insanity that saved me, since it made me panic, scream and run like mad for the nearest exit, which all things concerned was probably the most sensible thing I could have done under the circumstances.

  2. Met a dog that had been rescued from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. His new owner had only had him for two weeks, because he was one of the dogs that the rescue organization had had the hardest time placing. Had he not been adopted within a few days of when he was, he would have been put down. He had reacted to the trauma he'd been through by becoming really skittish and fearful of people, so when people came to adopt dogs, he'd shy away from them, and they'd adopt the friendlier dogs instead.

    But this guy adopted him, and after only two weeks in his forever home, he was much improved. He was able to socialize with Kiska while being only mildly jumpy, though he did initially cringe back and growl a little when I offered him my hand to sniff, so I could see why some potential owners might have reacted negatively to him. But when I stayed still, and his owner and I both spoke to him soothingly, he eventually slunk forward and sniffed my hand and tentatively wagged his tail a little. He seemed like a nice dog, just one who'd been through some very bad times. But it's amazing what a loving home will help a dog recover from.

  3. Discovered that a combination of cooldown time, chocolate and willpower will eventually allow me to answer even an e-mail that pushes all sorts of different emotional buttons and hotspots in a reasonably calm and civilized manner.

  4. Also discovered that, despite not having weighed myself in a long time and fearing the worst, and despite having been inundated with many and various forms of really good chocolate over the course of birthday week, I not only have not regained any weight, but having finally hit 180 (well, 180.2), and thus feel justified in finally crossing out the "30" on my profile and writing "35" (as in, pounds lost, under the Goals Accomplished section).

    5 pounds more to my target weight. Unless I for some reason decide I feel a compelling desire to actually land within the "normal" range of the BMI, which would require another 7 pounds or so coming off. But really, I recall 175 as feeling pretty good, and that will probably do just fine.
More substantial update coming... someday. Right now, the only reason I am awake is that I should theoretically be working, as I did not get a lot of work done this weekend between various things. But I am tired and cannot brain, so I think I will go to bed.
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As of 7:14pm today, I am officially halfway to age 90.


How'd that happen?

Then again, as the saying goes, getting older isn't so bad when you compare it to the alternative.
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] tamago23!

Meant to post this yesterday, I swear...
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I have just checked off one of the items on my 2006 Goat List -- one which has major importance to me, though more on an emotional than practical level.

Today, at Alterna Savings (formerly Metro Credit Union), I signed the papers for a new business bank account. I had applied last week, despite the dreaded words "credit check". I really didn't expect to be approved, what the whole declaring bankruptcy thing a few years ago -- I was mainly just testing the waters. I know my credit rating won't completely repair itself for seven years, but I wanted to see if there had been any progress in the meantime. And I was really sick of paying Money Mart's cheque-cashing fees.

But they approved me. They approved me! With a 15-day hold on all my deposits for the first year, mind you, but still -- they approved me! I am amazed and delighted.

I'll probably still have to cash some cheques at MM just because I won't always be able to afford the 15-day wait, but still...! This is one of those things that marks an emotional milestone for me, the realization that no, bankruptcy doesn't taint you forever, and it really is possible to work your way back up to being a respectable citizen again.

Also, I realized recently that the ten year anniversary of my starting my business is coming up next year. Ten years of self-employment. That's longer than I've spent doing anything else in my life career-wise, unless you count attending university. I will have to have a big party for past and present clients...

Other good news, though probably of no interest to anyone but me )

This weekend, we go away to [livejournal.com profile] optimystik's parents' cottage. Will be good to get out of the city for a bit, but much work must be done before that can happen. On which note, back to doing exactly that.
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OK, I feel a bit awkward posting these, because the past couple of times friends of mine have had birthdays I've been flat broke and unable to get them anything. But what the hell, people asked...
  • Amazon.com wish list
  • CD-NOW wish list - I like their system a lot better than Amazon's because you can sort your list by artist and title and it's got a nice easy-to-remember URL.
  • Hot Topic wish list - nonexistent, because their damn stupid system ATE my list! I had something like 30 items on it and poof, they all vanished. Maybe I'll reconstruct it, but I don't know if I trust their system enough any more to bother.

    Oh well. Everyone that knows me probably has some idea of the kind of thing I like to wear so all you need to know is that I'm about a dress size 16 or 18 or 20 depending on the cut (I know that's vague, but sizes really vary), shoe size 9.5, bra size - wait a minute, this is getting kind of personal...

Come on, we want to know. Really. We won't tell anyone. )

All good

Jan. 25th, 2002 04:16 am
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Two hours on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] ladyjane. All is good. And possibly, just possibly, we may be able to get her up here sooner than March. No guarantees yet, but we'll be checking into it tomorrow.

This might mean I get to celebrate my birthday in the actual month that it occurs (i.e. February), rather than the one after! Wonder if I should be evil and post the URls to my Amazon, CD-NOW and Hot Topic wish lists? :-)

Only problem is - NOW when I am going to get that damned labret I've been wanting? I was going to do it by the end of this month, so it would be all healed by March. But if there is even a chance of her coming here in February, there is absolutely NO way I want to be bound by a no-kissing (and no, um, other things involving lips) piercing aftercare rule! Especially on Valentine's Day! Maybe after the March visit... If we do end up going two months between then and the following one.

Spent the last hour and a bit drinking red wine (courtesy of a friend who I helped with a computer problem a while back, who gifted me with a bottle of Chateau de Flying Squirrel as a reward - well, all right, it's Pelee Island Gamay Noir, but it has a flying squirrel on the label), calming the nerves of one of my Wiccan students who has a Major Event coming up, and sorting through a box of papers I hadn't opened since moving to this apartment six years ago. And I found - amidst of a lot of quite useless grad school stuff - one of my handwritten books of shadows that I hadn't seen for, well, six years, and had thought hopelessly lost! That was a wonderful discovery.

I like sorting through old stuff I haven't seen in ages. It's kind of like Christmas. You get all kinds of surprising and neat stuff, even though it was actually yours to start with...
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Well, I now have a new hard drive, after a whole lot of troubleshooting and running around, and I have finally succeeded in getting it installed (with much help from "The Animal Formerly Known As Teen Wolf" -- we really need to find him a better nickname now that he's been in his twenties for, oh, five years or so), formatted it, restored my data, discovered I still couldn't boot from it, reinstalled the system software (OS 8.5 through some insane burst of optimism -- but went back to 8.1 after I got a ton of extension conflicts), and finally got so that it will boot just fine from the internal drive...

BUT... I can't get online from there because the stupid Sympatico Highspeed DSL software isn't working! So I sitll have to boot from the SyQuest if I want to do anything involving the net. Grrrr.... It keeps thinking the Sympatico extension isn't in the system folder, but it is! I replaced it with another copy, I even tried reinstalling all the Sympatico software from scratch, but no luck. Oh well. At least things are closer to fixed than they were... And I posted a message on the sympatico.highspeed newsgroup, so we'll see if anyone there has any ideas. Any MacGeeks reading this, by any chance?

Between the computer problems themselves, and the fact that having them means I'm getting no work done and thus making no money and risking the wrath of clients whose sites are going to be late, I feel like the world's biggest loser this week. Last week I was speaking at a conference and getting nominated for the DE board, and generally feeling on top of the world even though my stress levels were through the roof; this week I've got the stress but without the good stuff. I had to search the apartment for loose change to get cat food so that my cats can eat tomorrow, and I'm having to find a lot of creative things to do with rice and dried beans and various salad dressings, which are about all that's left in my kitchen. Yep, meet the big successful web designer, flat broke with a computer that can't access the net and run Photoshop at the same time. I am fucking pathetic. Oh well, at least things seem to be en route to recovery, and I think I can get some money from one of my clients tomorrow, now that I can print invoices again.

And in happier news -- it's [livejournal.com profile] palemistress's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-) That also means this weekend I may meet some of the people I run into all the time on here in person, because she knows most of them. And also get to see some of the ones I have met before but would like to get to know better. So I'm definitely looking forward to that!


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