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Wow... My entry for the current Last Author Standing challenge got two "best" votes, like the previous one - but also three "worst" votes, which I really did not see coming. Well, at least it got noticed... But I missed getting voted out of this round by the skin of my teeth.

I'll be looking forward to getting the vote feedback and seeing the reasons for the negative votes. If the reason people disliked it was because it made them uncomfortable, as one person has suggested, I'll actually take that as a win (though I suppose if I want to stay in the contest, I should stay away from such triggery subject matter in the future - from the perspective of getting voted out, a negative vote is a negative vote, regardless of the reason), but if it's actually because they thought it was horribly written, I'll be disappointed. Still, all criticism is useful in helping one write better, so even if it does turn out people thought it was badly written, hopefully I'll be able to learn from that.

If anyone wants to read it, my story was The Monster at the End of This Book. Please note that it deals with child abuse, and is thus, as mentioned above, unlikely to be a comfortable read for anyone, and quite possibly very triggering for some.

BTW, the prompt we were given was: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster." — Friedrich Nietzsche

. . .

In other news: still sick, though not as much so. Most of the cold symptoms are gone now, but for some reason every bloody time I get a cold, it settles into my lungs and leaves me coughing and hacking for days or weeks after the rest of it is over. Sometimes to the point where I can't sleep at night, though last night was not as bad as the several nights before it. Hopefully this means maybe the cough is finally on the way out... Hopefully. Because I am so very, very tired of coughing.


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